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  • Nolan:Batman works alone. We're not bringing in the Robins or any of the Bat family. Bruce is on his own.
  • Ben Affleck:*rips open jacket to reveal World's Best Dad t-shirt*
  • Ben Affleck:Batdad is here.
the members of the Suicide Squad are confirmed to all have histories with Batman, so imagine the movie opening with a montage of Batman taking each one out while Ode to Joy plays
The Titans having fun. ps the Raven X Robin ships are gonna ...
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dick grayson jason todd Damian Wayne tim drake ok to reblog scars / injury ? family mention / flexes my headcanoning muslces i still dont have a tagging system for this blog beyond trigger tags?? ill get around to it. maybe when i can stand to look @ my own shit. G o d
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“See?” said Damian. “I told you I heard footsteps. He didn’t go to sleep.” Which was impressive enough, honestly, given the amount of pain medication that Jason had literally seen Tim take— he should have been out for hours. But what was even more impressive was the mess he’d made of his room. Tim’...
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Bruce Wayne: *brings home orphans*  Damian Wayne: *brings home animals* Jason Todd: *brings home attitude*
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