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batman *mine ;_; dick grayson jason todd barbara gordon Damian Wayne cassandra cain tim drake stephanie brown Kate Kane the batfam gives me feelingsss i wnated to include alfred as well but i needed them to be 9
Things I will never be okay with
Jason died thinking Bruce would save him Damian died by his moms hand Stephine died knowing nobody could save her Cassandra doesn’t exist anymore Dick died Tim  was never Robin Wonder Woman and Superman dating Teen Titans Reboot Conner dying Nightwing being red THE NEW 52 FUCKING EVERYTHING UP...
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mine batman robin dick grayson Batgirl bruce wayne jason todd barbara gordon Nightwing Damian Wayne cassandra cain tim drake Red Hood stephanie brown oh also oracle Batfam my photo set I AM ON A POSTING SPREE also here have a cupcake this time if you read the tags :3 but i'll eat you next time sorry Jason
batman robin RIP Batgirl Damian Wayne cassandra cain stephanie brown Colin Wilkes batman inc yes I know stephanie brown isn't dead in lieu of seeing how she'd react to his death though titus is gonna be so sad
an ode to dick and damian in masterpost form I admit, when Damian was first introduced in comics back in 2006 I really, really hated him. I thought he was unnecessary and one dimensional and rude and terrible but THEN he appeared in Nightwing #138/139 for the Return of Ra’s al Ghul tie in.  ...
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Here you go.
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dick grayson jason todd Damian Wayne tim drake stephanie brown 30 tasper the robins have more interesting narratives than batman FIGHT ME also yeah sorry I tried to squeeze in carrie kelley but it just wasn't workin for me
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