• (that's my awesome bi colors plaid shirt I got at a thrift store) •
bisexuality biphobia biromantic Bi Men bi women bi myths bi stereotypes bi mythbusting It's totally cool for bi people to later change their label but while they label as bi that's what they are (that's my awesome bi colors plaid shirt I got at a thrift store)
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when I get a really good deal at the thrift store
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I found the most amazing thing at a thrift store today
This guy!  He was only 59 cents which was so worth finding out what exactly it was He looks like a new friend to memore potential new friends!!!!!!!he came with this package I wasn’t sure what to expectI definitely didn’t expect 2 of the tiniest glowstickstiny glowsticks for a tiny raveso I figur...
I’m sorry, I know everything is terrible and so many people have unsupportive families they are with or go home to for the holidays, but I just showed my mom the “Fuck GamerGate Forever” shirt I had already bought myself and she heaved this big disappointed sigh and handed over one of my Christmas g...
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so okay i work at a thrift store and we have this christmas ...
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