• (that's my awesome bi colors plaid shirt I got at a thrift store) •
so okay i work at a thrift store and we have this christmas ...
me topless tuesday haha swag
Thrift Shop REMIX
I did a thingThrift Shop REMIXLyrics:  [Verse 1]Walk into the game like what up ...
pink 90s my photos barbie cassette thrift kristins
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Louis & Eleanor in TopShop/TopMan. June 3rd, 2012 in Chi...
Jade Harley bro strider sorry I'm not sorry bi OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE??? ...But naw my humor is awful
photography girl fuck you tattoos colors need dont life quote plaid shirt middle finger
star trek she also got me a purse with a cat dressed at henry the 8th or some shit that says cat majesty and is covered in sequins if i ever need to brighten my day i just look at my living room wall my mom disapproved
1k * Demi Lovato quote i love it but i dont care at all that's like the 3456th i made a gif of that video of the second gif
mine the hobbit kili ori thorin oakenshield Thorin mine: the hobbit mine: stills mine: shirts
Illustration mermaid original art artists on tumblr i was only allowed to use 3 colors on this i suuuck at this kind of thing ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW PLS
homestuck Dave Strider cosplay nope baby dave I realise people thought that was Dirk It's DAVE Shit I got the shirt wrong I was sure it was a t-shirt
sweater DIY heart so cute fave needle felt
pokemon painting Fanart digital Bulbasaur COLORS! Colors! 3D
vintage Thrift Store Find
tangled disney that's that's a nice kiss