• * *gif Now You See Me do you know how long this took i am so glad just to publish it jesus i love this movie so much jesus •
my edits supernatural castiel spnedit !!!!!! i like this a lot and it took so long to make jESUS
my post top Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun JESUS DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK ME?? LIKE 4 HOURS??
** Teen Wolf allison argent Crystal Reed twedit this took me so long jesus giffing stresses me out and it didn't turn out how i imagined but i had to re watch the scene to gif the hand bit absolute torture *muffled screams* *cries and closes laptop*
1k exo tao Kai ily Lay baekhyun suho chanyeol gifs:exo xiumin ELX i love how yeol comforted him so gentle and loving my gentle giant~~~ my precious baekhyunnie you are so loved by everyone do not let your tears fall so easily it is more precious than anything in this world seeing you like this breaks my heart how much pain you have gone through how strong you have been for your fans to hold all that in for so long and to only let it all out now we know how hard it has been for you we know we understand we pain for you tomorrow will be a brighter day so baekhyun-ah let's continue this journey together forever and always by your side
music Jesus God Christian lyrics inspiration thank you brown thankful Spiritual worship Spiritual Inspiration mikeschair all i can do is say thank you all i can do
1k klaine kurt hummel blaine anderson my stuff blaine kurt klaine* i hate them 2.16 it's just so cute HOW THE HELL AM I STILL SO FUCKING AMAZED BY THIS NEARLY THREE YEARS LATER BLAINE IS SO ADORABLY FLUSTERED AND THEN KURT THE LITTLE SHIT 'I thought we were' I LOVE YOU SO MUCH?? I'm just sitting here clutching my face I don't know what else to do
1k dick grayson dc comics Nightwing but ya dcedit comicedit this will do for now rachels stuff: dcedit rachelsstuff i just really like how he is drawn in this issue idk why it took me so long to finally make somthing of my favorite male dc character ill make somthing fancy for you later son
gif film Dave Franco Now You See Me I LOVE THIS SO MUCH BYE nysmedit buckysbarnnes
* parks and recreation parks and rec andy dwyer april ludgate april x andy parksedit long post / this took too long but im so glad i can document their amazing love from start to finish now :))
gifs mine Emma Watson myedit logan lerman The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Ezra Miller tpobaw IT WAS WORTH IT this movie is so amazing i laughed and cried so many times ugh this took me 5 hours to make btw smh lol this movie and the cast slays
teen top l.joe c.a.p chunji niel ricky changjo g:all g:teen top ...no i'm not i am so sorry for this photoset do you know how much i had to hide while i was making this so no one would see and think i'm some sort of byuntae but hey it had to be done
I think Cas would approach the birthday party of a 9-year-old girl with same intensity as Apocalyptic events… The thing about Cas is that he...
my gif doctor who the doctor Jesus David Tennant Catherine Tate Donna Noble crossover never again tom hiddleston The Avengers loki avengelock whovengers ted allpress PRAISE THE LORD I FINISHED THIS MOTHERFUCKER god it took me ages to edit little Loki's hair so it looked acceptable whatever you call it
n ken ravi vixx jaehwan what do i know vixxtv it was beautiful xmygif so i know it's long after his birthday but i rewatched this and laughed so much he's a mess and i love him for it he was too happy and i love this episode AND I PUT A WATERMARK ON THIS and i don't like it it looks tacky but i left it to make me seem cooler and stuff as a gifmaker because that's how that works right but i love how n kept trying to get him to talk to the fans and then he just says that and i just really love ken okay bye
b gintama hell yeah shimura shinpachi Hijikata Toushirou gintoki sakata right! so Happy Birthday fuyukai desu and argh well the rest baka gummy kagura-s I've spent so many nights on this redoing it again and again because I never felt satisfied with some gifs but I'm glad I did because I hate giving halfassed presents this has so much kagura in it but as you really like her too I'm SURE YOU WON'T MIDN not that you're allowed to anyway I'll put this in my q rn in case I won't have constant wifi abroad and can't contact you on the very day which is probably what you even PREFER HATING YOUR BDAY AND ALL but you know what that means right?? I'm allowed to ramble a bit in the tags I'm already in the middle of rambling actually did you even watch kyoukai no kanata I'm not sure I already forgot where I was going NOW THIS IS HOPELESS ABORT MISSION and I just remembered that you have dirty socks how am I supposed to come up with anything nice now geez but it's your birthday so I gotta force myself right? uhm 1. you were the main person to introduce me to gintama okay that's it enough nice stuff said for today NOW I CAN REST rest in peace so you can haunt me
make disgusting no i cant golden mushroom how does this have so many notes allready jesus this took me 2 minutes to me i ca n words
how to train your dragon dreamworks httyd hiccup why did you do this to us httyd 2 httyd2 source: elusivist hotcup dear anon I'm so sorry this took me so long jesus christ dreamworks
*gif Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun mikoshiba mikoto *nozaki jESUS i havent spent so long in a set in ages this was worth it i am mikoshiba