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  • Aquarius:E.T.
  • Aries:Back to the Future
  • Cancer:Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back
  • Capricorn:Flashdance
  • Gemini:The Breakfast Club
  • Leo:The NeverEnding Story
  • Libra:When Harry Met Sally
  • Pisces:The Goonies
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mine supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins jus in bello when harry met sally
film fall autumn clue harry potter and the sorcerer's stone Remember the Titans hocus pocus you've got mail practical magic when harry met sally stepmom mona lisa smile
gif * mine the mindy project gif: the mindy project otp: handsome jerk mindy x danny just not in that way mindy /loves/ danny you guys YET. the woman who's obsessed with romcoms and sees romance everywhere she looks just hasn't realized that her life isn't you've got mail or serendipity or sleepless in seattle it's actually when harry met sally.
1k $ Sam Claflin he's such an angel sclaflinedit i just really wanted to gif him theres no other point in this
doctor who queue Carey Mulligan Sally Sparrow blink dw3 billy shipton Michael Obiora
film jennifer lawrence 4 silver linings playbook oscar scene though i will fix this one day when there is a better dl
1k edit* Mindy Kaling B.J. Novak bj novak kalingedit novakedit finally without text!!!
Mean Girls 500 days of summer Love Actually friends with benefits Pride and Prejudice Clueless dirty dancing grease ghost no strings attached bring it on miss congeniality 10 things i hate about you gone with the wind p.s. i love you Freaky Friday Just Go with It 13 going on 30 legally blonde How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Notting Hill 50 first dates pretty woman pitch perfect Breakfast at Tiffany’s my big fat greek wedding girls just want to have fun tvseries and movies Bridget Jones’ Diary My Best Friend’s Wedding
Achievement Hunter over 1k RoosterTeeth ryan haywood oh my goodness though he realized the mistake ryan bb
© RoosterTeeth ryan haywood The Patch rtedit i just wanted to gif ryan touching himself that's really all this is also some meg/ryan in there my loves
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photoset gif mine lord of the rings return of the king Billy Boyd pippin took kills self fuck everything tbh this scene made me sob when i saw it the first time it's so chilling and that last bit he never asked to be in the middle of this bloodbath he just misses the shire he misses merry and frodo and sam
my stuff hercules megara uwu other stuff Disneyedit herculesedit hercules x megara i love this movie and i love meg and i love this scene and yeah
* mystuff Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth ray narvaez jr ryan haywood meg turney on the spot jon risinger ryan pls Lindsay Jones ray's face is the best part
© RoosterTeeth ryan haywood meg turney rtedit turnwood this is without a doubt the best most pure photoset I have ever made in my life