• * gifs Billy Crystal meg ryan when harry met sally don't you just love this movie and how relatable it is??! omg •
how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky 3 ted mosby you don't understand how much i love these references to past episodes IT'S TOO MUCH YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO GET THIS PERFECT IN YOUR LAST SEASON last seasons are supposed to make you hate your show so that you don't miss it when it's gone YOU'RE FAILING HIMYM anyway here's hoping he REALLY let her go this time
gif disney short Paperman
gifs mine Rachel McAdams The Notebook Ryan Gosling Nicholas Sparks
Just when you think Niall's getting more love, you get those girls who asked for a picture with Liam...
Mindy Kaling B.J. Novak bj novak when harry met sally bj and mindy they look gorgeous unfortunately no other outtakes people magazine 40th anniversary issue
how i met your mother doodles digital alicexz but lbr Can You Believe still not over this reductive garbage i liked this actress so much im literally still speechless it's been two days and i don't even watch this show I DON'T EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW!!! (anymore) how i met your incubator when i read a summary of this finale i LITERALLY THOUGHT IT WAS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE EDIT: THANKS FOR TUMBLR RADAR... wao.. also cleaned this up a bit some messy parts were bothering me... /EDIT
lost truth Black and White lonely quotes alone broken writing happiness crying wisdom upset sadness poetry trust story break up lost love relatable Broken heart breaking enough abandoned unrequited love not enough first love had enough i don't trust anyone i don't trust anymore
gif * mine the mindy project gif: the mindy project otp: handsome jerk mindy x danny just not in that way mindy /loves/ danny you guys YET. the woman who's obsessed with romcoms and sees romance everywhere she looks just hasn't realized that her life isn't you've got mail or serendipity or sleepless in seattle it's actually when harry met sally.
1k $ Sam Claflin he's such an angel sclaflinedit i just really wanted to gif him theres no other point in this
1k LOL gifs movie creations lovely Pride and Prejudice Tom Hanks i love it you've got mail meg ryan movieedit jane austen's mentions
Harry Styles 10k go away at first i cant stop laughing this interwiev omg it proves me how much i hate and love you
Korra legend of korra lok Asami Sato Korrasami ‡* otp: korra x asami i still can't believe it like there are times where i'm like yup it sure is but most times im just holy shit it's //real// im constantly screaming about korrasami i can't even express WORDS about how much I LOVE THESE TWO AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT IM AIJSDFK I LOOK AT THE BOTTOM TWO GIFS AND IM JSUT OOHAEGJD IM SHOT i listened to vanessa william's ''save the best for last'' while making this omg i cRYYYYYYY ''BUT NOW WE'RE STANDING FACE TO FACE/ISNT THIS WORLD A CRAZY PLACE/JUST WHEN I THOUGHT OUR CHANCE HAD PASSED/ ''YOU WENT AND SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST~~'' AND U KNO WHAT THATS EXACTLY WHAT KORRA DID IM SOOOOHOHOHOHOHOOOOO
mine sherlock sherlock spoilers sally donovan greg lestrade SherlockEdit sallydonovan interndana Greg x Sally don't laugh at me i'm not even done with the ep i just i had to pause in the middle of the wedding bc i was crying too much omg so i'm making gifs and then i'll go back to the ep??? i'M THE WORST this scene was hell to color and then i just gave up whatev \m/
mine anastasia dimitri john cusack I ship them meg ryan love this movie to bits
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
gifs mine TMP Mindy Kaling dandy the mindy project Mindy Lahiri Danny Castellano Chris Messina when harry met sally danny x mindy
* my gifs how to train your dragon ALL THE FEELINGS i don't think you understand how much i fucking love this movie
1k mine sherlock God 4 mine: sherlock mine: edits mine: typography end. bowl is too busy and scared about her future so here have the i don't know is it minimalistic? is it typography? I'm just scared that 10 years from now we will all met again and we will realise that none of us is doing what he always wanted to do I am scared no one's going to be happy and that I won't be happy and it's just weird that somehow people want you to KNOW everything when you are only 17 like how the hell am I supposed to decide about my future when I burn all the pancakes out and can't even talk to new people how am I to choose the college and the person I want to become? ah rambles rambles the things is sometimes my head is just so full of thoughts and it helps me when I write them down write them out of my mind though I should use notebooks for this not tags what is worse though is that I don't think I am procrastinating I think I'm just doing ANYthing else just to stop being scared and stop thinking but once you start to think you can't stop
LOL my gifs disney Paperman disney meta can you tell i've watched this over 100+ times im so obsessed with them