• * gifs Billy Crystal meg ryan when harry met sally don't you just love this movie and how relatable it is??! omg •
the hobbit movie: The Hobbit richard armitage majesticthorinnn: gifs oh god your face i don't understand how can be so goddamn fucking handsome yet be so incredibly adorable and precious other times just let me love you already you perfect man you
** Dianna Agron You Me and Charlie love of my life jess u already giffed it but im just doing my thing ok how was i supposed to colour this we just don't know
1k how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky barney stinson barney x robin swarkles me x photoshop brperseason this season man all the build up and barney in love is my favorite thing (with robin that is) 'i don't /love/ her okay? i just... miss her when she's not around i think about her all the time' pls :')
1k my edits how i met your mother Robin Scherbatsky favorite characters mine: how I met your mother but sigh i am so not satisfied with how this turned out because 5 of these gifs didn't wanna upload at first tumblr was being stupid so i had to make them less colorful idk if you can notice but robin is in my top 3 characters and i wanted this to be so much better i love you bby girl p.s. stupid quote but whatever oh my god i just realized that almost all these gifs include drunk robin or robin drinking omg
love couple girl Black and White movie Ryan Gosling boy emma stone ' crazy stupid love Don't Go let me gangster squad
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan Danielle Peazer eleanor calder
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On - With Titanic Pics - Plus Lyrics
my gifs supernatural sam winchester i like Ruby 2.0 ruby When The Levee Breaks it's cool This shot was hot but it's even hotter when it's just the silhouettes But I also don't I'm torn Let's go with that
my edits my gifs doctor who amy pond karen gillan Arthur Darvill Rory Williams amy x rory dw* dwedit crying because they are perfect even when amy doesn't remember who he is look at how gentle he is with her in gifs 3-6 (but mostly gif 6 hair touching omg) he almost looks reverent well and rightly so since he had been thinking he dreamt her and the doctor but then she came back for him and he's just so happy to see her i just have a lot of rory feels okay if you don't like rory then u need 2 sort out ur priorities!!!!1 trying out a new coloring do i like it hmmmm time will tell
* sherlock martin freeman sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson bbc sherlock dr watson GIFst ~I just love how Sherlock always seems to genuinely smile when it comes to John ~things that make my shipper heart skip a beat~ ~I don't like making black and white things because it makes me feel lazy. ~but lbh black and white make things keep a higher quality
gif love quote Black and White sad hurt b&w how i met your mother himym tv show ted mosby movie gif clip it hurts word words text texts couple boy girl quotes quote everytime i look at you
** how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky ted mosby Ted x Robin i don't wanna talk about it I WOULD HAVE STOLEN YOU A WHOLE ORCHESTRA it was just such a schmosby thing to say but at the same time it was just so beautiful ted and robin more like death i had to cut so many frames out of the last gif i hate myself
supernatural meg 2.0 meg masters spn gifs spn meme tag: meg masters
gif love gifs quote Black and White lyrics Personal bw subtitles b&w black and white gif relatable love gif black and white gifs ryan lewis love gifs relatable gifs b&w gif b&w gifs MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS - SAME LOVE same love
ryan dunn RIP Ryan Dunn april margera phil margera
Louis Makes Harry Really Fucking Happy
(Or alternatively: That Doesn’t Even Look Comfortable, Styles) so basically, louis exists and that makes harry really really fucking happy sometimes louis exists so hard and it makes harry so happy that it looks like harry is in pain but he’s still happy happiness!!!!!!!...
people enjoying things I don’t personally care for? let me make a snarky post about it that’ll show them how dare they enjoy things
When someone thinks you're serious, when you're just being sarcastic