• * gifs Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marveledit buckynatashas jaredsleto userbuckynat OH MY GOD SAMI I DID IT I DID IT FINALLY im so trash suddenly this feels so good tbh okay so this is the first time they fight like the way in the comics oh ym god •
gif spoilers mine 1000 Captain America Steve Rogers 500 bucky barnes mcu marvel cinematic universe also: character: steve rogers character: bucky barnes series: mcu ship: steve x bucky this has probably been done a hundred times already but i just have so many FEELS okay this film will break my heart ....I NEED IT NOW
mine: gifs Marvel avengers because fuck you that's why f: marvel avengersedit movie: avengers c: natasha romanoff marveledit c: tony stark c: steve rogers c: clint barton c: bruce banner c: thor odinson c: pepper potts mcuedit c: nick fury c: maria hill c: jane foster 'why did you add nick and maria and pepper and jane to an avengers team set?' ooops all emotional scenes for the ladies? i chose all the dude's scenes on pure visual appeal 'okay do something  cool in your suit loser. okay we're giffing that.' then the ladies i was all like 'okay so what scenes are my favorite for you kids.' and then oops emotional scenes because they meant a lot to me and were powerful maria finding out about coulson? idk it just slew me nat showing exhaustion? punched my heart jane's is just my favorite fucking scene ever idgaf and then pepper's made me crey why did i put this all in the tags? because i have trouble shutting up
10k Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff Marvel Comics bucky barnes mine: edits I'm not even sorry lmao buckynat stucky c: bucky barnes otp: buckynat film: catws otp: stucky this meme is too much
1k mine Marvel avengers Natasha Romanoff black widow scarlett johansson bucky barnes Sebastian Stan winter soldier avengersedit political animals buckynat marveledit winterwidow this did not turn out like planned this was supposed to be fluffy and happy
spoilers my posts 5k Captain America Steve Rogers Thor age of ultron I'm pretty sure in the comics Steve is able to pick up Mjolnir when he stops calling himself Captain America and only calls himself Captain?
top Steve Rogers gif1 Maria Hill Natasha Romanoff Nick Fury bucky barnes cap2 sam wilson marveledit capedit catws i needed badly for maria hill to be in this photoset so i made a poster thing or like i edited a pic i found of hers to look like it has the style those posters had
supernatural castiel Gabriel SORT OF also i'm so tired blood tw spnfanart q art death cw angel family baby!cas so this was the idea i was talking about back in like 2012-13 that i kept putting off but i finally did it sob oh god there was so much lineart also fullview the images because they're kind of small ehh also the quote is from shel silverstein just in case anyone is curious but it's pretty well known i think
myedits Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marveledit bucky x natasha blackwidowedit buckybarnesedit cap comics winter soldier comics black widow comics i really love this quote for them they had no choices in the RR but the one thing they could choose freely was each other and then decades later when they're different people and free to choose they again choose each other :'') and they're only separated now by force not by choice :((
Thor Natasha Romanoff black widow ignore me i neeeeeed it all things marvel totally pointless text post I'm just getting stupidly emotional over this even though I know he's probably not even reacting to her line in the full context scene and it's not like there's been any implication that the two of them hang out or know each other that well and I know like 90% of this is probably just in my head but I can't help it I've sort of lost control here
* HE LOOKS SO GOOD thanos guardians of the galaxy marveledit gotg spoilers gotgedit guardians of the galaxy spoilers liKE FOR REAL DON'T LOOK AT THIS I can't believe marvel put out hd footage of this part oh my god people already gifed this too but I wanted to do it myself anyway oops purple asshole of my heart I love Thanos so much smh gotg mcu
1k The Flash barry allen really good *tf oh god oh god oh god Caitlin Snow theflashedit snowbarry barry x caitlin the moving stuff thingy yeah otp: you're still you this episode was so good for them their scenes were so beautiful i was screaming and crying the whole time ugh damn these trashbags wow this finally got 1k notes lol
when an entire fandom mischaracterizes a character and everyone goes along with it
gifs i love you Alex Turner oh my god you are my everything i m jsut gonna watch this video until i die bye tags edit: i still cant stop watching the video it must be like the 28th time or something i cant get over how lovely this is hoe the camera kept recording you in the end and you just started laughing i wish i could see the rest the pause you did after 'wishing you...' then that smile ohbmy god do you have any idea of how wonderful you are?? i love you i love you so fucking much i LOVE YOU ahjhkg ah
Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marvel 616 IT'S OVER 1000!!! kalan edits shit gdi this pairing hits all my buttons too he just pretty much worships her AND SHE RESCUES HIM BECAUSE SHE IS LIKE HIS SUPER GIRLFRIEND and /cries
* but still les miserables enjolras x grantaire gifs: les mis gnomon luchia13 enjoliras OH MY GOD I FINISHED IT I DID IT I SAID I WOULD AND I DID THIS TOOK ME F O R E V E R IM EVER DOING ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN to be fair it wouldnt have taken so long if i hadnt taken month-long breaks after every like 30 frames please for the sake of this gifset pretend that james mcavoy and gblags are the same person and that sometimes R has a beard and then suddenly he doesnt oh well gblags i love you but you really need to get material that isnt shot in FUCKING CANDLELIGHT SPECIAL THANKS TO SARAH FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THIS (((the fic is a lot better than this gifset makes it out to be i tried my best but how could i possibly come close u get me))) i wanted to get the wiki article in there too but ehhhh it didnt work that caption doesnt have anything to do with the gifset rlly its just my favourite little moment euheuehueue [rolls back into dumpster] THANK U LUCHIA i am devastated theres no hand holding in this............... 'still' by daughter ft. me crying in frustration was the soundtrack to this are those enough tags i think so
mystuff Marvel Natasha Romanoff black widow gifs [1] bwedit stuff [1] marveledit yelena belova blackwidowedit i don't even know my tags anymore i'm just so frustrated that there hasn't been a movie yet i'll probably make this a series of gifs because yes i am that frustrated i am going to make my own god damn black widow movie and also sorry my coloring is shit i..............goodbye yeah that's a tag
1k mine omg sorry fucking hell im done gifs: other Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black so done OMFG IM DYING Oh my good god this is the first time we have properly seen them together and they are the fucking cutest im just so happy bcos look at these cuties
this is so funny like the first time something funny has happened on my timeline tbh
my gifs mine Stiles Teen Wolf i just malia stiles stilinski malia tate stalia staliaedit maliaedit stalia shippers club yeah okay your otp might be cute and all but is your otp anywhere near as cute as my otp probably not this w h o l e scene stiles finally finding someone who thinks the way he thinks malia is so good for him she's someone who gets distracted just as easily as him who tries just as hard who categorizes and sorts and organizes the way he does who compartmentalizes the way he does who knows her priorities and most importantly oh my god this is so important just look she makes him happy ive never seen stiles this happy with a girl oh god theyre already in so deep im already in so deep im done im out dear jeff davis [delphine cormier voice] im invested... which im sure is what you wanted