• * nina says stop making excuses for your fucked up fav •
tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor loki gif4 loki bb sorry I fucked up your coloring
edits one piece i cried making this Baby 5 im fucked up opgraphics 771 SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE MY CHILD IM DYING IN HERE I LOVE HER SO MUCH OH MY GOD the sizes are fucked up c'mon oda
my gif 1k film kristen stewart The Runaways dakota fanning fav* favorite film meme yay
My art tyler do something wat Fay sleep time emmett turns head man i need to sleep omigod i aws supposed to sleep early today i was just doodling ems and i was like why not make it a sad bc they're my fav trio i bet tyler would bother fay w birds puts them on fay's shoulder and fay's like it's gonna peck me stop and tyler's like just stay calm omg i think i forgot to omg i just realised it says sad up ther ei meant to type trio whow on earth did i get sad maybe i meant to type set.... i need sleep..
me love Demi Lovato fucked up fucked....
fav exo EXO-M Lay yixing mv making STOP BEING SO CUTEEE m.g
One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne 1D Ziam zayn x liam I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY HERE FOR THIS SHIT the last gif is kind of on a fucked up loop and i can't stop laughing
Fat girls can wear crop tops. Fat girls can wear bikinis. Fat girls can wear leggings. Fat girls can wear cut out dresses. Fat girls can wear mini skirts. Fat girls can wear whatever the fuck they want to wear.
muslim salah
the young ones school advice the young ones book homework excuses 20 foolproof excuses for not doing an essay
1k MY EDIT ouat cast the notes omg colin o'donoghue colinodedit colinodonoghue this man makes me do things I never done on photoshop I mean I'm always incredibly lazy and end up only one little pic I'm too impatient for graphics or gifs and look at me now i'm making picspams Colin you need to stop doing this to me
the vampire diaries ian somerhalder tvd nina dobrev Nian Ian x Nina nina x ian pls stop being so cute AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GET MARRIED they're meant to be together
Do not go see 50 shades of grey this weekend
tell your friends
mine fitblr health exercise fitness im in one of THOSE moods today sorry
i just realised jesus faked his death for more followers
my gif 1k Christmas stephen colbert tis the season Advent A Colbert Christmas tumblr fucked this up mine: stephen c
My art Pluto Hazel Levesque just in case Heroes of Olympus house of hades hoh spoilers
* ^ oh well ouat Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit firstworldproblems csedit i fucked up the first one so bad
movies u short term 12