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Nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go
*mg *all haikyuu *mygraphics Haikyuu!! bokuto koutaro hq!!edit *2015 <5k that moment when you cant torrent for a few months and so resort to making manga graphics to make up for no anime gifs (i haven't even read the manga AHAHAHA... or finished season 1....... shh) and THANK YOU those who watched me make this during my livestream!!!! i laughed way too much over the weird faces and quotes ya'll made me give bokuto and hello hq fandom dont mind me *sweats nervously*
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College Confession 5
My roommate ate ramen so frequently that our room perpetually smelled like it, to where it was almost unbearable. One time after not sleeping for a few days he blacked out eating a bowl of ramen and I thought he had legitimately overdosed on sodium. He woke up the next day and finished the bowl.- Co...
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trans women who don’t shave are valid and beautiful. trans women who don’t wear dresses and skirts are valid and beautiful. trans women who aren’t skinny and petite are valid and beautiful. women come in all different forms, all of you are valid and beautiful even if you don’t meet typical feminine ...
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liam payne my post mitam promo hes so pretty and sad and thoughtful and it HURTS more room for frolicking (my new zayn leaving tag) one day I'll go back and add it to all previous posts probably sometime in 2018
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Uma das grandes certezas da vida é que o tempo nos mostra muitas coisas. Inclusive aquelas que insistimos em fechar os olhos para não ver.
Ako je prošlo,zašto si zadrhtala?
WOW! Ridiculous CUMDUMP! Taking big black cock and he alread...
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