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Reblog if you are constantly given funny looks for using British phrases when you're not from the UK...
  • Fitblr:Wow my food looks really good...where is my camera!?
  • Fitblr:Oh my god the world is over! We're out of peanut butter and oatmeal!
  • Fitblr:Why am I aways broke?....Omg is that a sale on sports bras and spandex!?
  • Fitblr:Okay who took the last Cliff bar?!
  • Fitblr:I'm bored..what time is it...1:30 am...time to go workout.
  • Fitblr:Noooooo my tea got cold!
  • Fitblr:It looks like a water bottle grave yard in my room
  • Fitblr:My pee still looks yellow.....brb guzzlin a gallon of water
  • ...