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gif set Fruits Basket kyo sohma I just can't lol photoshop animanga furuba tohru honda wow yes what a perfect otp i have look at him awkwardly and genuinely trying to return her kindness i don't know how to start on people who hate tohru just ugh also i am apparently trying to become one with the fruits basket tag animanga stuff
harry potter my gifs homestuck omg supernatural the little mermaid Misha Collins The Avengers bbc sherlock Twilight Merlin BBC Merlin what am I doing a few of these gifs were found via tumblr but i made the misha part
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homestuck Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider upd8 dirkroxy OTPING AND I CANT GET UP
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1k Harry Styles One Direction gif** the day i died because he looked me in the eyes
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