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1k sigh barbara gordon young justice cassie sandsmark artemis crock zatanna zatara my!gif !yj lol that is all im tagging urgh i dont know if i like this originally i was gon do a FIGHT LIKE A GIRL gifset but i couldnt choose just 8
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dc dick grayson bruce wayne Diana Prince hal jordan koriand'r wally west donna troy zatanna zatara Garfield Logan Victor Stone Carter Hall rachel roth Ray Palmer comicedit the justice league is a team; the titans are a family cba tagging codenames this from new teen titans if you're interested which i'm (very slowly) reading
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  • person:who's gonna win, Batman or Superman?
  • me:Wonder Woman
  • person:but I said-
  • me:Wonder Woman
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karen gillan my stuff :'( selfie John cho selfie abc eliza x henry sometimes i wish i had cute otp tags otp: i'm hoping to find you otp: i have grown accustomed to your face otp: is this seat taken otp: i'm not a lost cause otp: when a friendship is real you can feel it otp: ...typically otp: you found your signal
dc mine: gifs Green Lantern justice league john stewart Hawkgirl murder me Shayera Hol in 5 minutes they steal this OTP from me they laugh at me and taunt me with this love dovey bullshit and i HATE IT
important otp question: who in your otp holds the other back by the hood of their sweater when they’re about to do something stupid