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gif mine movie batman begins scarecrow set cillian murphy Jonathan Crane
the vampire diaries stefan salvatore *mine i am the worst stefan salvatore stan in that i only noticed now the one shot in this scene where it's clear he's been crying (the closeup shots don't show tears) my heart is basically shattering in half to imagine that at some point in the midst of devouring all these bags klaus is feeding him prompted by both a desperation to save his dying brother and his only semi-dormant out-of-control lust for human blood stefan starts crying because he knows he is turning himself into a monster back into the ripper lexi spent decades trying to save him from destroying the person whom elena gilbert fell in love with and any chance he had at hope and happiness and feeling alive again but he keeps going because he owes it to damon for being the one to ruin his life 145 years ago and because he's a ripper like klaus wants him to be and a ripper doesn't stop
gif mine friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S :'( chandler bing Monica Geller mondler
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mine all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth REBLOG THIS ONE THE OTHER ONE WAS MESSED UP THX
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Sokka A:TLA atla zuko suki Avatar: the last airbender *mine Prince Zuko *atla Master Piandao out on a life changing trip with zuko dear spongebender this is so ugh i'm sincerely sorry i didn't have enough time to change it and i didn't want to keep you waiting so .--. i tried :((
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gif myungsoo infinite *mine life ruiner numero uno I love you anon this was the first request i got in my askbox HAHA
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