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What I can tell you is that works of art are the only silver bullet we have against racism and sexism and hatred. Joe Biden happened to see ...
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When someone mentions Hamilton:
Each character rhymes differently. The way that they are rapping contributes to their story. George Washington raps in a very on-beat, metro...
fun game 4 hamilton listeners: reblog this post and tag it with the line u currently have stuck in ur head
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Aaron Burr: I hear wailing in the streets. Somebody tells me
  • finals week:I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory when's it gonna get me lack of sleep, 7 pages ahead of me?
me: *listens to a song not on the Hamilton album*lin-manuel miranda:
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so if the ghost of alexander hamilton was harassing lin to finish the musical, does that mean that after the musical came out, the ghost of thomas jefferson just appeared on the end of lin’s bed one night like“heard that you were talking shit”
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  • me:daaaaamn lin-manuel
  • me:back at it again with that [getting choked up] beautiful and infectious personality
I don’t get why there’s so much drama over Hamilton bootlegs. I mean, if you want a hamilton bootleg, i have one right here. Here’s another oneDo you want a few more?This one’s really high qualitybut this one is the original 
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Everyone: I wish I could listen to the Hamilton cast albumNPR and Lin:
  • america:daaaaaamn hamilton
  • america:back at it again with that financial plan