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faborite headline of the 21st century
“So kids, like what your seeing?”“Samantha, I noticed that your “fun-o-meter’ is stuck in the middle. Why is that?“Well the robots are cool, but why aren’t there any girls?”“Why couldn’t the long lost brother be a long lost sister?““And how are all their disparate technologies able to connect to eac...
fergsuon pls boost
art sculpture Seattle etsy mug crystal handmade porcelain gems quartz ceramics artists on tumblr glaze pottery
LOL weird morbid History medical Macabre tbh
film animation 3D shrek digital dreamworks production art Release Dates animation trivia
blackgirlsrock throw like a girl prettyperiod mo'ne davis
comics hark a vagrant kate beaton 15th century peasant
Pi Day of the Century
3/14/15 9:26:53
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century halloweentown Disneyedit disney channel original movies rip girls dcog
hair vintage high school bows teens hair styles 1940s mid century Teen Girls fads hair bows
harry potter my shit hp overheard hpedit the last one!!! a modern version hehe
*whispers* if Shakespeare could pass the bechdel test despite writing in an inherently patriarchal and routinely misogynistic society then you, modern day writers, have literally no excuse
Fitness app where you’re given a random pokemon egg and you have to walk around irl like in the game until a set number of steps until the egg hatches and gives you a random pokemon, then you’re given another egg, and you can collect the pokemon that you hatch by walking
drawing art landscape ocean sea pastel maldives photorealism zaria forman
art 19th century vincent van gogh birthdays march long post 1853 March 30
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