• 1940s •
popular comics feminism 1940s golden age harrassment women in comics Golden Age Comics Betty Bates Lady at Law stop street harrassment
my edits gifs my gifs Black and White edits vintage retro gifset mine* 1940s noir The Killers Ava Gardner 1946 classic movies classic films Robert Siodmak classic cinema films noir
Black and White vintage paris france History 1940s bicycle historic 1949 notre dame streetscape street scene tore johnson
vintage ballerina ballet dance XO 1940s gestures vintage magazine mime paris match yvette chauvire hand mime
style vintage paris royal elegance 1940s tiara exhibition cartier Royal Jewels 1940s fashion grand palais Princess Caroline monaco royal family princess charlotte House of Grimaldi duchess of valentinois
my edits my gifs Joan Crawford 1940s 1945 Eve Arden michael curtiz Mildred Pierce
my gif gif Merry Christmas snow vintage retro nostalgia 1940s classic film Frank Capra it's a wonderful life old movies christmas film snow gif.
night sky Astronomy 1940s starry night saturn Children's Book Illustration science book
politics Congress Syria Refugees
my edits my gifs 1940s 1943 stormy weather the nicholas brothers andrew l. stone these 2 motherfucking hoofers harold nicholas fayard nicholas
gif film music song performance piano civil rights 1940s hazel scott
art design architecture
vintage marilyn monroe Andre de Dienes 1940s *c
photography paris 1940s elliott erwitt
gif old hollywood Charlie Chaplin 1940s The Great Dictator this movie and speech is so great it was soul stirring
* 1940s Ava Gardner 1943 she's not even 21 yet here
gif old hollywood 1940s The Red Shoes Moira Shearer Anton Walbrook
my edits my gifs bless 1942 1940s fred astaire Trivia holiday inn
Black and White fashion style vintage night umbrella History valentines day 1940s boston 40s 1940 historic Blizzard snowstorm street scene
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