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happy 4th birthday one direction
lets take a trip down memory lane shall we: 2010: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: Music Videos 2010-2014: What Makes You Beautiful: Gotta Be You: One Thing: Live While We’re Young: Little Things: Kiss You: One Way or Another: Best Song Ever: Story of My Life: Midnight Me...
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10 reasons the WWA tour is the best so far
1. the opening segment 2. the better than words crotch grabs 3. so many NARRY moments 4. harry is again.. always in his own world 5. harrys new water thing during best song ever 6. THEY STILL DO THE ROW DURING LWWY 7. really good bromance moments 8. the dancing is still spot on ...
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction in Chicago. HARRY G...
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since their 4 year anniversary is coming up...
lets take a trip down memory lane, try not to cry the whole time: their x factor auditions: finding out they were in a group: man they have no idea what the next 4 years hold: xfactor video diaries: just having fun at the xfactor: let the tears start now… up all night tour: ...
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