• 1k * mine hyuna Nine Muses 9Muses moon hyuna gif:9m femaleidolsedit idk whats this coloring i'm sorry i just tried something and....yeah..... rewind;'15 f;hs •
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Nine Muses 9Muses Kyungri
** srsly Nine Muses 9Muses She's perfect Kyungri 9 muses I want her KyungLee
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Nine Muses 9Muses HI GUYS sera by sherry im so sleepy ryu sera sb:g but its lunch
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mine MINHA Nine Muses 9Muses
1k edit idk 4minute hyuna i- e:4minute
Nine Muses 9Muses sb:g i didn't sharpen a gif for once :c glue dance practice
1k mine 4minute hyuna kim hyuna g:4minute what a look
1k my gifs 4minute hyuna kim hyuna gifs:4minute these don't look good lol but i just really love this mini performance she looks so pretty ;; the dress fits her flawlessly too her body looks perfect bc i couldn't color anything i just turned everything purple again ofc it's what i'm good at
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1k gifs f(x) 4minute 2ne1 T-ara hyuna sistar after school Girls' Day AoA girl groups rbm lol i'm starting this rainbow meme again and i wont be able to finish it XD g:girlgroups
1k my gifs 4minute hyuna kim hyuna food / gifs:4minute what the hell!! she looks SO good in these outfits the party scenes were dumb for the most part though i didnt need those i dont want to see these random white people i just want to see my hyuna