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* heath ledger joker The Dark Knight Rises the dark knight batman begins scarecrow Marion Cotillard cillian murphy two-face bane harvey dent aaron eckhart talia al ghul Liam Neeson ra's al ghul ok let's tag them all and the secret identidies jonhathan crane tom dardy miranda tate sO MANY TAGS OMFG
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“Oh look it’s me, Lester Boomshaft and if you hold the bow and arr...
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* 1000 welp Teen Wolf tbh that would have been awesome we train our sons to be soldiers; our daughters to be leaders i would have loved it if allison was a hunter at the beginning of s1 and she just thought scott was a regular guy and then when she twigs that he's a werewolf she has this big existential crisis and finally decides to go against her family to be w/ him i also want some allison/derek interaction because i'm pretty sure the last time they interacted it was allison shooting him with an arrow
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What I knew would happen: What my brain expected to happen:
my gif The Avengers Clint Barton Hawkeye Jeremy Renner just to highlight the arrow that can take out more than one target nbd