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me: *listens to a song not on the Hamilton album*lin-manuel miranda:
  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:Lin Manuel Miranda spent a year writing one song. A year trying to put himself into a dead founding father's brain, changing his vocab, playing with rhyme scheme, with meaning, and with the motivation and thoughts Hamilton had. Since 2009 he's been working on this musical. He has poured so much into this and almost every lyric can be analyzed and has more than surface level meaning. Then, after all this writing process the man plays Hamilton himself every single night. But still when he talks about it he sounds as eager as he did from the very start.
When your whole squad has finally listened to Hamilton:
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How I see this moment play out in my head.
guys it’s like getting one of the annotated copies of Les Mis except with footnotes instead of end notes do you know how much I hate end notes & having to keep flipping back &a...
when the whole squad is down for revolution
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  • What'd I Miss:thomas jefferson, america's original f*ckboy, is coming home
  • Cabinet Battle #1:turns out independence ain't cheap
  • Take A Break:say yes to this emotional threesome alex
  • Say No To This:you were literally just offered a threesome alex, what are you doing
  • The Room Where It Happens:"maybe my advice from act one was wrong." - aaron burr
  • Schuyler Defeated:it's always the quiet ones who tear sh*t up
  • Cabinet Battle #2:jefferson wants to get cozy with king louis' head
  • Washington On Your Side:burr, jefferson, and madison want washington as their senpai
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  • Alexander Hamilton:the 2009 white house rap feat. everybody
  • Aaron Burr, Sir:aaron burr doesn't wanna be your senpai alex
  • My Shot:you know what this song is. everyone knows what this song is. don't act like you don't know what this song is.
  • The Story Of Tonight:we might all literally die so let's drink and be bros
  • The Schyuler Sisters:GIRL POWER!!! feat. bustles
  • Farmer Refuted:ham's dog has more eloquence than samuel seabury
  • You'll Be Back:george iii is literally the ex you hope never to date in the first place
  • Right Hand Man:someone please give washington some help. no burr, not you
  • ...
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