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1k * mine i tried cockles sorry not sorry jibcon spnedit mishaedit Jensenedit *cockles ugh these two i s2g spncastedit i just realised that i haven't made cockles in ages omg i'm sorry for the quality and the terrible colouring
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1k my edits blue eyes Misha Collins spncast spnedit JIB2013 mc edit that scruff jibedit
my edits blue eyes 5k Misha Collins ;) sexy bastard spn cast blue jacket spnedit but thanks mishaedit mc edit jib5 I'm such a sucker for his lips jibedit ther you go wendy! i was awake at 5.30 bc that face hauted me! hoper you feeling better now i think it's my new fave of this attractive fucker!!!
1k ** mine cockles i couldn't resist spnedit mishaedit Jensenedit spncastedit feel free to use them now leave me alone **cockles but pls don't reedit them i'm having too many cockles/destiel feels rn
my edits Jensen Ackles oh yes jibcon spnedit Jensenedit COCKLES PANEL myjaedit jibcon2015 those are good arms to have
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1k mine *** 5k destiel cockles ? spnedit spncastedit cocklesedit JaxCon 2016 ***cockles i love this so much ;u; thank you for this <3
1k * 5k *gif cockles *edit 3k gif: jensen spnedit edit: Jensen castielsdean robenedict edit: misha edit: cockles casfallsinlove gif: misha oh god this turned out horrible and i'm sorry i made like 15 gifs and they all suced so i had to make more edits and idk they are still super gross ahahahhahaha shoot me (((&lt;-they is referring to cockles here btw)))
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