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1k my gifs mine 2k Chris Evans Sebastian Stan 3k Captain America The Winter Soldier sebastian stan gifs ca cast yes thats the conference where sebby got almost no questions and chris touched his left boob its funnier in the vid coz poor sebby just kept his mouth wide open like he forgot to close it
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1k * my gifs high heels oh lord Sebastian Stan sebstanedit Marvel cast cap cast stanedit i love the fact that he wouldn't be against bucky wearing dresses or braiding his hair or whatever 'cos if that's who his character is supposed to be -- he'd do it now i have a mighty need to see sebstan dressed in women's clothes omfg with makeup and wig and everything what if... it wasn't war paint... but just bucky trying... eyeshadow...???? (okay ima stop right there jfc) (congrats asshole now my dream is to see transvestite!bucky ugh) (like he dont even have to be gay you know he'd just be a bamf transvestite yo) (cos it's 2014 and nobody gives a f) (i think i need therapy... or fanfiction)
s Sebastian Stan winter soldier anthony mackie cap 2 marvel family michelle makes stuff michelles gif peanutbutter m:marvelfam stopstackie2k14 cap 2 press junket OK NOW I GOTTA PUT ON SOME CLOTHE m:sebstan
1k my edits Captain America Chris Evans my graphics Marvel cast evansedit cap cast thanks for the screencaps stef and for the commentary as you watched child!evans acting or 33 years old? one of those
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my gifs mine my graphics Sebastian Stan sebstanedit Marvel cast cap cast look at that goober face the kid in the scene with him is actually the homeless romanian child he's only in these few seconds of the whole thing
my gif Chris Evans 500 my graphic Sebastian Stan captain america 2 my marvel marveledit cap 2 spoilers otp: not without you captainamericaedit marvelgif GOD I LOVE WHEN CHRIS DOES INTERVIEWS IN CHARACTER
you all think cap 2 fucked me up. wait until cap 3 comes out. i’ll see you fuckers in therapy.
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  • The First Avenger:let’s save Bucky

  • The Winter Soldier:Bucky's alive???
  • Civil War:touch Bucky and you fUCKING DIE
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