• 1k my gifs behind the scenes 10k Chris Evans 20k Parkour I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS age of ultron important question: is that actually chris evans? even if it's not it's still fun to watch on a loop i'm tagging him anyway rotisserie soldiers on the bbq oh my goodness guys •
portal should I tag this the cake is red velvet tho i haven't tried it yet mainly because it's so pretty I don't want to mess it up well guess what i'm tagging it
Harry Styles enjoy harry and ok now i know he also has a tattoo on his ankle but we still haven't seen a picture of it so i'm not including this also i strongly believe the picture of him getting the half sleeve one is old because he's wearing what he was wearing when ed sheeran gave him the i can't change tattoo (or was it the locket idr) anyway until we have pictures of these ^ tattoos and a better one of the (?)17BLACK(?) one oh and many thanks to the person who suggested this i was running out of ideas feel free to request stuff because bored
mine babies Teen Wolf anyway stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia martinski i gave up otp: two sides of the same coin the second gif was a pain in the ass to color this development though it's not even the fact that she's totally comfortable with him putting his hand on her back it's how they walk while in the first one it's stiles trying to reach lydia in the second one they walk side by side
iron man tony stark Iron Man 3 pepper potts films: i still believe in heroes i like how even if this isn't the sentient armour storyline it's at least taking cues from that to build into it's own storyline i like that c: day and a half ahead of tomorrow C: My hero
mygif k i tried danisnotonfire but anyway srsly guys the thing would have been better if only dan had more vlogs photoshop skillz wow so good at this totally professional you can't even tell it's fake why am i even posting this oh well 1k notes in less than 40 minutes
homestuck Karkat karkat vantas homestuck trolls I'm not tagging every troll omg it's mostly about him anyways inspired by shelby's pairing-lyrics
cole sprouse mygraphics gr:poster person: cole yes im both bitching at cole and at the people bitching at him with this not even sorry :'D it's a parody on the social network's posters btw the moar u know ps. cole should you still lurk your tag hi im sorry i still love u baby hahAHA edit: wow ok the notes um hey guys you do know i'm actually bitching at all of you with this right i'm basically on cole's side in this lmao
One of the most interesting conversations Chris [Hemsworth] and I kept having was, “What does Loki want in the end?” What does h...
popular disney The Princess and the Frog and it's actually very fun to make and omg these gifs are like 99% of my dash no kidding everyone seems to love these 3D gifs so why not
Chris Evans would say 'Avengers Assemble' behind the scenes to call out the rest of cast via text me...
homestuck John Egbert trees My art Fanart water clouds fireflies land of wind and shade lowas tehfawx glowing trees well actually it's oil idk even where this came from nor why i didn't draw his head whatever it's done
michigif b.a.p daehyun apple of my eye it's late and I'm making ugly gifs on a school night = o = but I finally got my dvd so I couldn't help it still have yet to watch the first part though!
1k my gifs film patrick stewart Dave Chappelle mel brooks Cary Elwes robin hood: men in tights mygifs:rndmmv Tracey Ullman Richard Lewis when ever I'm feeling down I watch this movie hence the influx of gifs anyway it's a fantastic freakin movie watch it if you haven't
harry potter pokemon homestuck shipping ew oh god I can still taste the plastic goddamnit I was supposed to have my castiel jacket on too but it's missing hope this gets a lot of reblogs that pokemon cartridge is covered in drool will anybody get the ship joke and why can't I have had a bow tie or dipper's hat
ron weasley rupert grint harry potter ~ Daniel Radcliffe Hermione Granger Emma Watson behind the scenes But whatever Harry James Potter chris columbus this is ugly and not what i wanted it to look like at all i spent ages capping it so i'm posting it anyway~ capturing the stone
my gifs psych Shawn Spencer henry spencer psychusa psychedit psychmoments Maddie Spencer (it's maddie right or is it maddy idk) sO LET ME TELL YOU SOME THINGS ABOUT THIS shawn's been mad at his dad since he was 18 not to mention he didn't really like all the 'training' his dad did on him when he was a kid and then his mom comes into town and it's all a surprise right hE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS COMING and she drops this bomb on him after all that time he's never been able to forgive his dad for leaving but it turns out his mom was the one who left and shawn???? forgives her right then and there and altho there's still some distance between shawn and henry this is most definitely a defining point in their relationship there's a lot of character development in this show and shawn and henry's relationship is a major contribution to that (aLSO BTW this moment iS A LOT LONGER it couldn't be fit into gifs but man i got tears watching it again) (aND I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HENRY COMING IN TO SEE MADDIE AND HE'S MAKING SURE HE LOOKS GOOD TOO LIKE AJFKL;JLVS maddie/henry otp) and james' acting bye
exo exo m exo k Kris Chen Kyungsoo jongdae Wufan kris wu edit: exo beedits this is suppose to be kaisoo taoris suchen edit tbh.
1k One Direction Niall Horan well anyways how i suck SO HERE YOU GO 1dtornedit 1dboo I GIVE UP ON LIFE I GIVE UP ON PHOTOSHOP BECAUSE I CAN'T MAKE NICE GRAPHICS idk how you guys do it with your stupid and beautiful textures and your wonderful colourings teach me pls maybe i should start to go after tutorials wow im so dumb why haven't i done that before well i have but only for gifs not graphics really this is embarrassing i still hate this graphic though and yes i still upload it!!!! but i worked on it for an hour actually and i can't make anything better than this and i wanted to make something for my baby's birthday hehehhehe HAPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY NIALLL BBBYYYYYY ILYYYYY
arrested development I think I'm going to cry i can't access any of the downloads sites on my laptop and my old laptop doesn't even connect to the internet and then i tried my dad's and the download failed so now he's trying a torrent but i don't think it's hq HATING EVERYTHING RN episode: top banana