• 1k pretty little liars edits spencer hastings troian Bellisario pllgif plledit idk what the point of this set is i just LOVE HER so sad there wasn't enough room for her 'i don't think that was a love dunk' quote seriously i made like 20 gifs for this because i love all of her quotes and stuff so much maybe i'll post the rest another day •
ooc I'm being serious if this doesn't make you think or feel I'm judging you
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
legend of korra tenzin word vomit lin bei fong Linzin i love these two characters and their history and whatever it is they have right now ugghh
1k pretty little liars hanna marin mine pll idk pllgif gif*** pllmine plledit i kind of like hanna now she wasn't as annoying in this episode but still ashley's acting annoys me she says her lines so quickly and you can tell she's just saying what's in the script without any emotion or anything i sound dumb but i feel like she's just not that great of an actress??
1k * pretty little liars spencer hastings troian Bellisario pllgif plledit this is so pixelated ugh
naruto sasuke i hate this anyway i love this scene so much narutographic *trash AND ITS SO AMAZING AND WELL DRAWN IT KILLS ME idk there was so much potential in this one and i fucked up wow I just kinda like the clouds because i worked the hardest on them the entire sky was just black and it looked really empty so  ijust IM just fucking done with it I HAVE SUCH AMAZING FRIENDS I S2g PRU AND BECKY THANK U GUYS FOR PUTTIGN UP WITH ME AND ALL AWARDS TO ELLI I LVOE HER SO MUCH AND SHE'S AN ANGEL AND I WOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN THIS DONE WITHOUT HER BUT I HATE HER BECAUSE ; _ ; ELLI U KNOW WHY sasuke is so hot pissi's husband
1k pretty little liars pll spencer hastings troian Bellisario gifs(3) partly i feel so bad for bby spencer but then again i love that she is going kinda crazy but poor bb ahh
Benedict Cumberbatch oz comic con
game of thrones Sansa Stark i have a lot of feelings I'm surprised this scene required explanation but hey this is the got fandom so I guess it was to be expected Sansa is being physically and emotionally abused she has just spent an entire dinner listening to how her brother might die and pretending to be in love with Joffrey she's been holding back tears and she's finally in her room she looks at the mirror and can't even recognize herself and then this woman comes in and declares she's her new handmaiden and clearly she knows nothing about being a handmaiden why is this woman there did Cersei send her is she a spy will she tell Cersei she saw Sansa crying so automatically it means she has to hold back her tears again and she needs to go back to pretending of being that person that she sees in the mirror and can't recognize and she's angry and she's frustrated all she wants is her mother to be there and to give her a hug not to explain the duties of a handmaiden to a handmaiden and finally she snaps at her and in the end she says just brush my hair its equivalent to her calling out for her mother she just wants someone anyone to brush her hair so maybe she can close her eyes and imagine that she's back at Winterfell and instead of this stranger who might be a spy its her mother brushing her hair like what else is she supposed to do if she became bffs with Shae the fandom would say OMG Sansa look at you trusting everyone you're just letting Shae walk all over you
1k pretty little liars edits spencer hastings troian Bellisario pllgif plledit this is kinda strange looking but it's been in my drafts for a while and i'm too lazy to gif new things so
gif 1k spike Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS buffy summers spuffy go be heroes maybe someday *cries forever* btvs edit baw14 this fucking ship gives me so many feels i wanted to show how much their relationship evolved and all the respect they gained for one another through the seasons although spike's the one who had the most character development so i put him first this is how a bad guy falls for the heroine should be she didn't have to accept that he's evil and deal with that he changed for her he became a better person even without a soul and when he saw that she would never love him while he's soulless and still kinda bad he went and got his soul and she started to really respect him and he respected her he became a hero because of her and she saw that and i think she really wanted to love him and i think she did a little but he knew better
pretty little liars my gifs pll spencer hastings troian Bellisario Keegan Allen Toby Cavanaugh spoby pllgif plledit spobyy am i the only one that can't take how cute they are?! people were really not kidding when they said ravenswood was hard to color though also i just realized half of these are from s4 idk it just happened otp: just don't start making out or anything
disney Halloween disneyland nightmare before christmas Sally jack oogie boogie cutest costume ever little oogie Sally wants to keep it
animals cats dogs north carolina the truth shelter Adopt speak up spay and neuter don't breed adopt dont shop
lea michele lea:news
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1k pretty little liars photoshoot mine quote pll spencer hastings troian Bellisario seventeen magazine plledit
my gifs 1k* tv* My Mad Fat Diary sharon rooney mmfd rae earl mmfd* i was really struggling with this quote decision this quote is from the actual books and in this episode rae says something different in the voiceover but i ultimately chose this quote because i think it better reflects rae's feelings in the scene the woman she turns into when she sheds her skin matches the decription of the woman in the book perfectly well..thats what it seems like to me anyway :/ i just love this show though