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1k gifs bts 5k 6k Bangtan yoongi im still screaming bts gif mv: agust d
1k MY EDIT gif* harley quinn dcedit ssedit kissedbyflames harleyquinnedit dccuedit mrobbieedit suicidesquadedit dceuedit this is really cruddy but im sick and tired so lmao i tried
animal crossing go
help out your neighbours and friends. make your house look pretty. be kind
1k my post 5k 10k how i feel about life
Shoutout to fat girls in the summertime. Shoutout to fat girls who wear jeans even though it’s 90 degrees because they don’t like the way their legs look. Shoutout to fat girls who wear a t-shirt to swim because they don’t like the way people look at their stretch marks. Shoutout to fat girls that o...
Breaking news: Britain announces plans to hold a referendum on whether the country should be shot from the earth and into space. “We need to get further away from the EU,” says Nigel Farage, “ Do you know what can’t reach you in space? Immigrants.”
Don’t apologize for your English! You are trying! You know more than one language—probably several others—and you are an amazing person!
1k * gifs jordan misc s1 once upon a time ouatedit reginamillsedit emmaswanedit snowwhiteedit rumplestiltskinedit ouadhmeme
friendly reminder that it's ok to like
•piña coladas •getting caught in the rain •the feel of the ocean •the taste of champagne •making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape
500 Theatre hamilton th* 1k* tony awards 3k* lin manuel miranda it's my favourite musicals* theatreedit hamiltonedit lmmedit alexander hamiton the range of emotional expressions in the last gif is astounding i'm so happy they decided to do yorktown
1k mine 5k steven universe suedit su spoilers hit the diamond i think i have a new favorite episode just look at their cute little outfits
1k harry potter our stuff hpgif hpedit harry potter and the cursed child cursed child hpp cast
1k * Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Civil War stucky minemarvel falconbigbutt marvel crack CAP 3 SPOILERS civilwaredit civil war spoilers cacwedit obiwanskenobiss useridontwikeit ltfrankcastle pandeadpool
1k taylor swift tayvin
  • me @ me:just talk to them u guys are mutuals
  • also me @ me:BUT AM I MUTUAL ENOUGH????
you ever catch yourself being really emo and you’re like lol calm the fuck down gerard way this isn’t 2004 pull yourself together
my gifs Key shinee jonghyun JongKey soulmates gif:jongkey 1k and up my heart ;;;;;;;
gif 1k mine supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS spn cas spn spoilers spn finale season 11 finale 11x23
1k f(x) Luna femaleidols by 1krystaljung
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