• 1k the mortal instruments Lily Collins gifs(3) stuck in love samantha borgenst this is basically a gifset of lily swearing in the movie lol no but i loved it so much i'm gonna make another one of her without quotes and you can request stuff if you want •
1k Emma Watson selena gomez lea michele taylor lautner Dianna Agron tom cruise nina dobrev victoria justice the mortal instruments Eddie Redmayne Lily Collins lca graphics(3) julliane hough see i would tag them all but yah no no i'm gonna do it yes okay YES CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! i couldn't psychically handle making a gif for the next one so yeah
my gifs the mortal instruments Jace Wayland Lily Collins clary fray jamie campbell bower City of Bones clarissa fray clace tmig otp: i love you and i will love you until i die
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1k tmi the mortal instruments Jace Wayland Lily Collins clary fray jamie campbell bower Jace Lightwood gifs(3) clace cries cries criessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL my gifs doctor who matt smith Eleven my stuff river song bless ok bai dwedit Can I just point out how off topic this response was in a sense? Because the girl is asking Matt if she thinks there is a connection between Tasha Lem and River and he says NO but he reasons his deduction using the Doctor's feelings towards each one He LOVES River - so Tasha wasn't her instead of just saying - 'Well they are two different charcters or She's an old friend' NOPE He says 'NO BECAUSE THE DOCTORS FEELING FOR RIVER ARE LOVE AND TASHA WAS JUST A HOT CRAZY LADY' And YES did anyone notice how he was going to say 'i think the he's so much IN LOVE - but it didn't make much sense so he reworded it ok now really bai
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Firefly Simon Tam River Tam Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits Just... everything about this scene. She touches his face to make sure he's real. That he's actually there. She waited at least two years for him. I don't blame her. Two years. She wrote and he didn't come for so very long. Through no fault of his own really. It was so hard to get to her. And they certainly didn't help her doubts. 'I would like please to see him.' 'Well I'm sure he's very busy.' 'Yes. Yes I'm sure.' Your brother is an extremely skilled surgeon. You don't want to take him away from his work do you? He has very important things to do. He's doing good work. Just like we're doing good work here. When they're in her head it must've been very hard not to listen. Not to believe he's wrapped up in more important things. But now he's here. And he's actually there. And when she tells him she doubted You can see him going through all the possible responses 'Of course I'd come for you.' 'I would never leave you there like that.' 'You needed me.' etc etc Going through his roles as her protector; as someone who's entire purpose now is to keep her safe. But the one he decides on in the end is entirely he as her brother. And I just can't handle that right now. (Ugh. Someone give Sean Maher another interesting role.) The Tam siblings are so important to me. Sidenote: this gifset is a great illustration of the 180 degree rule.
MY EDIT the mortal instruments valentine morgenstern point of view tmiedit clary morgenstern jonathan morgenstern jocelyn morgenstern i don't really like this but i wanted all morgensterns together and playing with archetypes in literature is always fun i don't like this because of the messages some of these convey in the end evil incarnates with no chance for redemption and jonathan is so much more than that in my obsessively advocating for reforming also mother figure? well i'm sorry jocie but you utterly failed in this one when it comes to jonathan and well with clary you were far from healthy and good mother (jocelyn playing with clary's mind is SO VERY MORGENSTERN OF HER check mate) (since my JONATHAN MUST BE SAVED policy i;'m having massive issues with jocie and i don't really understand why ppl build monuments for her as in the end she's majorly shady and her own sort of moral villain of the story) also look at that male seed IT'S UTTERLY CORRUPTED :-( and it needs to be cleansed and i'm gonna go crazy in tags now because there's this bit from cohf about how clary will regain honour of this blood and this family but i'm sorry the only way to do it is to produce an offspring AND LIKE HELL WITH HERONDALE? the only way to cleanse it is to produce PURELY MORGENSTERN OFFSPRING and can you imagine angel blood demon blood mixed together into this one new majestic creature with jonathan's amibtion resourcefulness and determination and clary's passion courage and heart? yep this is my favourite prompt for jonathanxclary and please sue me goodbye
love cute quote sad crying feelings together sweet percy jackson logan lerman cute quotes life quotes Sam samantha movie quotes Lily Collins Rusty young couple Feeling down i care about your feelings more than mine nat wolff stuck in love stuck in love movie Stuck in Love quote life is only as meaningful as you fool yourself inte think it is young love'
1k Robert Sheehan the mortal instruments Lily Collins jamie campbell bower gifs(3) i believe i believe i believe la la laaa
1k Teen Wolf TW no just no allison argent Crystal Reed gifs(3) twedit when i'm upset i gif the thing that upsets me and i've been wanting to gif her for a while now i'm just sad and i will never not be sad about it precious princess you will be missed rest in peace bby i seriously can't imagine teen wolf without her it just doesn't feel real that she is actually gone like i don't think it hit me yet that no more allison scenes no but jesus christ if they will forget about her in two episodes i will fucking punch someone i don't want them to get over her death just like they got over erica and boyd and mentioned them like one more time and that's it !!!! no!!!!! No!!!! i don't even know why i giffed this i'm super sad right now anyways as for the gifset i was trying to go for a rainbow colour but idk if it looks like a rainbow oh well
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mygifs mine naruto uzumaki Minato Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto namikaze minato uzumaki family perfect family minamigif narutographic narutoall father and son stuff tbh i am crying so hard right now as i type this because minato is such a beautiul manin every sense of the word truly it hurts but it is also something that makes him be such a beautiful character i mean since the beginning it was minato's role to be the one who saved the village sacrificing himself and his family's future ;;; you know it hurts that many ppl ignore this and say hes a bad dad he had to make the ultimate decision;; do people even remember what it takes to be a leader?? you gotta make sacrifices;; big ones for the village;; if minato had taken another choice like sacrificing the village or kushina to die him and naruto would possibly suffer more; there really wasnt a choice that could be one better than this even tho naruto suffered look at him now; not to be harsh or anything but naruto wouldn't be naruto without the nine tails and most of his power comes from it... minato precisely sacrificed himself and kushina for that sole purpose and it turned out as he expected and i mean he didnt really had no choice this is the plot kishi chose and like people do forget that trying to say he should have done this and that but no that's not really it call him whatever but definitely not a bad father because he isn't one being the leader of a village means swearing to be responsible for everyone; protect no matter what don't forget he didn't only saved naruto in life  and in death from falling to the kyuubi and also kushina could help him too so really idk i just know he's beautiful i love minato so very much;;;;
1k the mortal instruments Lily Collins graphics(3) i obviously can't colour black and white pictures this blows so much
MY EDIT game of thrones jon snow stannis baratheon gotedit gotjonsnow gotstannisbaratheon all right all right all right this is the last part (for now *cackle*) of my weekend obnoxious campaign:  jon and stannis sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g i’d say sorry for being one track mind but I’m not I MEAN LOOK AT THIS SHIT PART 2 LOOK AT THIS STUBBORN UNYIELDING OBSTINATE PURE IRON (haha stannis is the most pragmatic strategic and sneaky commander out there I LOVE THIS MISCONCEPTION being proud and stubborn as a character does not equal being this as a military force as leader as king) LOOK AT HIM ADMIRING THIS BOY RESPECTING THIS BOY FOLLOWING THIS BOY’S ADVICE  treating him like equal like partner like ACTUAL SECOND IN COMMAND stannis is a foreigner on the wall in the north he knows nothing of these lands these people more – he’s got this beef from early years he could have harbuored in him and let himself be defeated by it WHAT HE DOES INSTEAD IS RAISE ABOVE IT AND BECOMES ACTUAL NORTHERN HERO through willingness to act and interfere when no one else would AND IT’S ALL DUE TO THIS BOY his competence strategy intelligence i mean stannis would have walked right into the trap of dreadfort if it weren’t for jon not to mention MORE THAN HALF OF HIS ARMY ARE MOUNTAIN CLANS SUGGESTED BY JON (like jon open the gates of the most obscure and RAWEST parts of the north for stannis BECAUSE HE TRUSTS HIM THIS MUCH) and stannis walks through these gates with RESPECT AND AWARENESS OF A NEGOTIATOR NOT INVADER BECAUSE HE RESPECTS JON THIS MUCH yes it’s cooperation for mutual gains but it’s guardianship and mentorship and partnership that genuinely came from this and bonded them I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU SON *stannis looks longingly at jon like HE’S ALREADY ONE* jfc goodbye (selyse reading her husband like an open book LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN is another topic for gifset and tagrants BUT PLEASE I’M DYING) (plus that caption quote is basically what selyse does here yet with melisandre SHE KNOWS HIM SO WELL AND ANTICIPATES HIS REACTIONS LIKE NONE OTHER and this is another reason to die but not here it's got obnoxious enough i shall go)
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1k mine omg how i met your mother himym barney stinson barney x robin robin x barney swarkles robin sherbatsky i laughed so much at this i got lazy on the last one lol because i can just picture barney doing this and a bear coming in and barney like training it and then something goes wrong and robin is just like 'oh my god' and her dad is saying he has a gun in his car and ted is screaming and hiding behind robin and lily just wants another glass of liqour because fuck this wedding
*** how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky Lily Aldrin homosexuals lily x robin otp: i dare you guys to dare us to make out i can;t believe this this hAPPENED???????? this is REAL??? robin kissed lily and loved it and oh hogoo i'm living in a dre am help me i'm religious lily's FACE in the second last gif i don't even knwo what she;s doing but what a cutie HELP em
gifs mine 1000plus the mortal instruments Lily Collins City of Bones tmiedit lcollinsedit this is the very first time that i make gifs and i'm quite proud of them