• 1k twitter hamilton bernadette peters Lin Manuel lin manuel miramda sorry but this was too good not to post has someone posted it already? •
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I turned my house upside down trying to find a two dollar bi...
My art hamilton lin manuel miranda just. take my hamiltrash. that tag used to be more reliable but i think tumblr broke it somehow. it just cuts off like 'the end'. i know it's not the end i've seen more posts in there before why you gotta be like this. ahahah anyway.. i'll try to return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.
* lmao musicals hamilton lin manuel miranda tag game lmm tag meme im sorry why did i make this quiet kgem
I would like to thank LMM not just for Hamilton but for giving us this gif before the election season:
*mine 500 hamilton *myedit *1k lin manuel miranda broadwaynetwork hamilton musical hamilton broadway again i will fight u if you tweet this to lin without credit
* I don't like this hamilton 1k~ so here we are lin manuel miranda Leslie Odom Jr theatreedit hamiltonedit but i've made it now
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mine Emma Watson hamilton lin-manuel miranda heforshe he for she hamilton broadway that would be enough and in that moment I swear we were infinite....ly falling in love with lin and we were all emma watson vanessa and lin are too much for me
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Aaron Burr: I hear wailing in the streets. Somebody tells me
not really whatever Broadway hamilton Kat Edits lin manuel miranda Leslie Odom Jr arthurdarvvill hamilton broadway jonathan gross lol im bAAACK bitches this is a bad time to post things i remember some things about the internet
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The West Wing hamilton Toby Ziegler Josh Lyman lin-manuel miranda christopher jackson daveed diggs the hamilton wing slightly edited to fit but this is one of my favorite toby moments Doug Wegland
1k about me camp lin manuel miranda robin de jesus I CAN'T BELIVE LIN REBLOGGED THIS ONE TOO
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“Well, that’s the thing about Jonathan Groff- he curse...