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It is 2015 and I just saw someone get mad at “fake geek girls” dressing as Harley Quinn for Halloween. In the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen.
not being included in an inside joke
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i hate small talk, tell me about all the foreskins you have seen
  • me at 14:i'd better not do this Stereotypical Teenage Thing because the Adults will think i am Immature and just like all the Others. i must strive to be Cultured and Individual
  • me now:i'm gonna do this stereotypical teenage thing and ima do it with an overflowing mouthful of mini m&ms i live to aggravate The baby boomers also stereotypes don't mean shit so what if i'm a stereotype turn up the fuckening stereo
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reblog if disloyal order of water buffaloes
boyfriend requirements: - lmao idc just don’t fuck me up
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i’m like a romanceable npc if you compliment me once per day for a week straight you unlock the dialogue option to marry me