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*tries to get 7 hours of sleep in under 3 hours*
it’s pretty difficult to get your life together when the only time the thought occurs to you is after 1 in the morning
  • someone:do you watch this t.v. show?
  • me:no, but i've seen gifs
*wakes up from a nap angry and not knowing what day it is*
  • someone:watch your language
  • me:oh, fuck, sorry
me: i’ll get out of bed at 9 a.m.clock: 9:00me:
does anyone else feel so much relief when you’re friends with someone and they’re the one to initiate a conversation because those fears of whether or not you’re annoying them and them not liking you behind your back disappear
*climbs a small set of stairs* well that’s enough exercise for today
does anyone else get really anxious during the weekends because you’re aware of how poorly you’re spending your free time and you know that there’s something more productive you could be doing but you just can’t think of anything so you continue to be on the computer
has anyone else noticed that some people on tumblr come in pairsyou see them constantly interacting with and reblogging from the other person so you might as well follow them too
  • someone:hey, can i look up something on your computer?
  • me:
  • someone:...why do you look so scared?
fun fact: i am fully capable of typing in formal english and proper grammar, this is a conscious decision
christmas is so close i can almost smell the santa hats being edited into our icons
every day i realize more and more that i’m just not cut out to be an adult and that’s scary
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