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All I Want for Christmas is You
Mariah Carey  Merry Christmas
I’m so damn ready for Christmas!
batman My art cats dc Superman wonder woman Aquaman Green Lantern flash justice league martian manhunter sorry I put my username all over everything don't want to deal with reposting problems again bad cat puns justice cats hawk girl
gif 1k gifs mine sets chicken h music videos Little Things IM CRYING THIS IS PERCFETCTC
1k my gifs 5k 2k hp* hpedit this isso weird idon't know giffing harry potter is hard and not that i don't know all the words to this movie it's just with the boosh i know every single pOINT where i want to gif and i know everything about it cause it's so recent to me
Nicki Minaj *mine *gifs idk what is this privatebarb dailynickigifs mine: nicki minaj
gif pretty truth gifs music video life music song Typography words lyrics video b&w thoughts world feelings mv Graphic videos wanted music videos Marina and the Diamonds Primadonna all ä
1k Drake music videos drake gifs i tried so hard and it still looks eh lol
Niall Horan gifs mine chicken h music videos i was bored so
1k gifs f(x) all Victoria tati song qian Victoria Song song victoria gifs:all gifs:tati
gif 1k gifs music video music panic! at the disco brendon urie panic at the disco music videos gifs I made patd this is gospel
gif Harry Styles mine interview I WANT TO CRY everything he does harry is such a sweetheart all his actions hes too good for me
1k mine lyrics music videos 22 tswiftedit candy swift idk what this is but i like it
1k exo EXO-K Kai exo k kim jongin gifs:exo gifs:all videos' colors was awful *sobs* i couldn't do better i'm not pleased with this set's coloring this is why i didn't want to make gifs from videos that's coloring's bad cuz they don't turn out good
photoset 1k gifs fav ** mine otp edits wow lm gifset im crying perrie edwards little mix Jesy Nelson jn pesy sorry for my english happy bday!!!! set10
1k Emma Watson selena gomez lea michele taylor lautner Dianna Agron tom cruise nina dobrev victoria justice the mortal instruments Eddie Redmayne Lily Collins lca graphics(3) julliane hough see i would tag them all but yah no no i'm gonna do it yes okay YES CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! i couldn't psychically handle making a gif for the next one so yeah
taylor swift Graphic music videos taylor swift edit tswiftedit TS Edit taylorsedit tsbday ts graphic
Everything I Have Is Yours (1955 Version)
Billie Holiday  Solitude
you can have it all… 
gifs 2011 interviews nina dobrev ndobrevedit phoebetonkyn believe it or not but I did a miracle coloring this video everything is so fucking red
lady gaga my gifs lyrics gifset 1000 notes applause do what u want g.u.y. applause was actually the real shiz i always forget how amazing that era was