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2013 was a shitty year in everything except anime it was a good anime year
Arctic Monkeys 
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2013 Census
So, I just kinda wanna get an idea of how many members there are in the ATLA/LOK fandom. Please Reblog if your in the ATLA/LOK fandom!
I love how Aaron Tveit walked into the les mis song like “outta my way bitches, it’s my time to shine”
tonight: a new episode of: How the Fuck Are You Making Gifs of the Oscars It’s Airing Right Now
Adele mine*** oscars 2013
“SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE” yells an angry leo hiding behind a blue hoodie and shades
So to recap:  Suraj Sharma never got nominated for basically acting with himself for two hours 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis’s name was made fun of all night, was sexualized by a grown man and called a misogynistic slur by a popular satire site Ang Lee won best director but not be...
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