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I just want to say one more thing about BTS and MAMA situation.This was their comeback stage! They deserved to have more spotlight, better treatment, they deserved a stage only for themselves! I respect everyone, but rookies got more spotlight than them. BTS are 2 year old group, that have proven th...
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1. minding your own business
Live footage of me preparing for this landing:
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wow 2015 quadr
lady gaga appearances 2015
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  • Bethesda:You can customize your character as male or female! Here we're going to show some of the options, including make a black male character and a female too. We'll even customize a baby from the pair! And you get to hear your character's name spoken!
  • Ubisoft:Here's your new jar of mayonnaise with a dick you piece of shit
and then satan said let there be console exclusive video games
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