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1k MY EDIT 2k 500 smooth 100k 200k SMOOOOOTH
the true american experience is wondering if you just heard firecrackers or gunshots
1k edits 5k 2k 10k sexism 50k CNN sexual harassment 100k catcalling amanda seales steve santagati shit with the amount of notes this is getting i'm gonna regret posting it rip: my activity page
1k LOL funny my post 2k 3k 100k
I’m gonna wing it
1k gifs jennifer lawrence 5k 2k 10k lawrence* i can't stop laughing looking at this she's just like 'oh shit'
1k 7k 5k 2k 10k Queen 4k 15k 20k 9k 50k 6k 40K 3k 8k Queen Elizabeth II royals royal family 25k timeline: 2012 30k 60k lilibet documentary: our queen royaltyedit gifs: lilibet
1k funny 5k 2k myposts 10k 20k 50k long post Nathan Fielder nathan for you pinkmanjesse an unsung genius
just out of curiosity, reblog this if your family has ever made you feel bad about: your weight your interests your friends your taste in music 
1k 5k 2k 10k jessica williams 15k 20k The Daily Show 25k 30k 35k msjwilly this is a thing that i made the bae detroit water crisis tdsedit nolan finley f: tds p: jessica williams THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT watch the whole vid bc it's a great segment
an emotional roller coaster from start to finish
me as a mom
1k * 5k 2k 10k f: disney Disneyedit zootopia animal puns mickeyandcompany zootopiaedit m: zootopia
when u ask ur mom for fast food and she says yes and asks what u want
1k LOL lmao 2k avril lavigne 10k hello kitty oh wow WHAT THE H
1k 5k 2k 10k 50k jason biggs Successful i'm dying oitnb Orange is the new Black orangeis
found an old birthday card
1k Nicki Minaj 5k 2k 10k 4k 15k 20k 3k 25k
1k nature forest scenery 5k 2k 10k 50k orb LOC botany 100k snapchat O R B
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