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Eu :3 te :3 mordo :3 mentalmente :3 e :3 você :3 nem :3 sabe :3
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Im honestly scared about season 3
only because we dont know how John is going to be emotionally we dont know if John is married we dont know how John will react when he sees Sherlock we dont know where Sherlock has been staying all this time or how he is without his blogger the fandom
I’m hungry. My stomach is singing the song of it’s people. But Sims 3 Seasons.
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I just realized We’re going to get a trailer A trailer for Sherlock Season 3 Imagine How much fun Deducing that trailer will be.
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Detailed summary of the special scene of sherlock season 3 episode 2, John’s Wedding i did as best as I possibly could with my awesome memory and a really low quality audio. I missed a bit of the text due to the screaming. Enjoy!! ~HERE’S THE AUDIO RECORDING~ NOTICE FOR PEOPLE STILL C...
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kitty cat cute :3
Essa carinha ":3" deixa tudo mais fofo, não importa oque seja dito,"vai tomar no cu :3", "sexo :3", ...
2 years. 1 album. 18 songs. 3 books. 1 BRIT. 3 TCAs. 1 documentary. 3 world records. 1 tour. Million...
Those followers that still follow you no matter what you spam
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Brand New love love love jesse lacey <3<3<3 fucking obsessed