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7 years ago, a Legend was Born.
051106 - SBS Inkigayo~ Super Junior - Twins
post that 70s show came out 14 years ago
It was on this date, 236 years ago, that America "unfollowed" England.
2 years ago, One Direction sang Coldplay lyrics. Tonight, Coldplay sang One Direction lyrics.
Young Andrew Hussie. I’m scared…
7 years ago TODAY Supernatural aired its first episode
Thanks to the genius Eric Kripke!  So is it a birthday or anniversary? Either way, CONGRATS TO US ALL!
gif Alice In Wonderland may 4th fell down the rabbit hole 147 years ago
A memorial was being held for a young girl that passed five years ago. During the memorial a wild d
wicked elphaba defying gravity
doctor who Billie Piper Rose Tyler rose stuff i made 7 years fuck
(500) Days Of Summer comics Illustrations the smiths seamus gallagher things that would have been funnier two years ago
yume nikki from tegaki like 2 years ago i BARELY remember making this
In this exact moment two years ago, One Direction was born.
Two years ago, these five boys all auditioned as solo artists… and at this very moment, exactly two years ago, became this: One Direction was born, and our lives were changed forever. 
and knowing that 3 years ago i somehow shaved my head omfg i cant
Today, 8 years ago, November 4th 2004, Taylor was discovered by Scott Borchetta at the BlueBird Cafe...
25 years ago, the first GIF was created. Celebrate by reblogging with a GIF that doesn't fit any sit...
1k * lea michele glee cast jimmy fallon On Jimmy Fallon this was like 2 years ago but it still my favorite interview! she's adorable
The Titanic is sinking right now, 100 years ago. In about another hour, it will be gone.