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Yes hello 911. I’m bored you wanna chill or some shit
alarm clock: because every morning should begin with a heart attack
mine lizzie mcguire 50k
mine disney aladdin 50k
i went to a public school okay i know how to inject heroin
why do people look so shocked when food falls into your cleavage but you eat it anyway like “oh no this grape has been spoiled by my bosom better throw it away” fuck no i’m gonna eat that boobie grape
mine ruined rugrats 50k
mine rugrats 50k
mine rugrats 50k
i’m fluent in talking shit
what even happens inside a dishwasher
mine Matilda 50k caption2
photoset gif 50k antelope
mine Mulan 50k
stepping in a puddle while wearing socks
watching a new tv show after hearing about it on tumblr and then getting addicted to it
I’m really dreading the day I turn 18 cause I will no longer be the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen
*uses panorama to take dick pic*