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i dont want to be an adult but i want to be able to do whatever i want i dont want a job i just want money i dont want to work out but i dont want to be fat i dont want to study but i want to be smart  as you can see my life is such a struggle
*opens jacket* hey kid you wanna buy some dru- (construction workers start sawing) you wanna buy some- (saws get louder) hey kid you wanna buy
when someone judges u for eating ass
*seductively rubs laptop screen to get rid of speck of dirt*
sit up straight then reblog this so your followers sit properly too you’re welcome uwu
when two of ur friends are closer to each other than they are to u
things me and my laptop have in common: slow difficult to wake up from sleep struggle to complete basic tasks
boys will go around judging girls if their asses and boobs aren’t exactly to their liking but the moment a girl isn’t impressed by their 4 inch dick they’re being “oppressed” and “have to conform to ridiculous standards”
me: snapchat’s new live story events suck ! snapchat: me: shit im sorry i take it back 100%
stepping in a puddle while wearing socks
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I saw your message/email/text/voicemail and told myself I’d return it later when I was more awake/alert/in a better mood/had more information and I pretty much forgot about it until now I’m sorry I’m trash: an autobiography
my life is falling apart faster than a nature valley granola bar
  • Mom:why did you spend $80 on a water proof phone case?
  • Me:shower nudes obviously
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