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So… You know the whole dragons kidnap virgin princesses and all that? What if they “kidnapped” them to protect them from men? What if they taught them out to be dragons and how to fight back against knights who only saw them as prizes? What if dragons aren’t born? Buy rather they’re taught. All drag...
PSA to non-kpop fans
just because you’ve never heard of them and they don’t sing in a language you understand, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve awards or that they somehow cheated in the voting  (? ? ? ?) just because you don’t like the music doesn’t mean they don’t have a big enough fanbase to win awards outside of...
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"average starfleet officer breaks the prime directive twice a month" factoid actualy a statistical error. average starfleet officer breaks prime directive 0 times a month. jim kirk, who captains the enterprise & breaks the prime directive 10,000 times each month, is an outlier adn should not hav...
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finding fanfic of your otp: finding fanfic of your otp where another character is villainized because they “get in the way” of your otp in canon: (gifs from here and here)
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