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1k 7k 5k 2k 10k Queen 4k 15k 20k 9k 50k 6k 40K 3k 8k Queen Elizabeth II royals royal family 25k timeline: 2012 30k 60k lilibet documentary: our queen royaltyedit gifs: lilibet
me as a mom
candids emma stone Our edits Andrew Garfield 8k stonefield aggraphics esgraphics
gif 1k MY EDIT 7k 5k 2k 10k the fault in our stars 4k 500 15k 20k 9k 100 i guess tfios 6k yo 300 3k 8k 11k 30k 35k 12k thereigners johngreendaily
"frozen is the first disney movie to deal with sibiling relationships and not romance"
reasons why Daft Punk are geniuses you can’t sexualise robots so they prove you don’t need a sexual element to do well in the music industry they can send doubles to go do performances they don’t wanna do they get lots of media coverage because of the media’s curiosity as to their identities nobody ...
1k twitter taylor swift 7k 5k 2k tweet 10k 4k 20k 9k jesse tyler ferguson 6k 3k 8k 1989 30k retweet yassss officialtaylornation
1k LOL twitter 2k 50k 8k annabelle 18k 13k shit it looks like her
Your kid’s mental health is more important than his grades
1k film mine Halloween 7k 5k 2k christina ricci 10k 4k 15k 20k 9k 6k Addams Family anjelica huston 3k 8k 25k thirty one days of halloween .lol that last one had to be truncated to fit but there were so many more examples. what a good.
* mygifs Rihanna gifs request 7k cutie dogs 8k pepe 17k
depression sucks because you could be half way done dancing in your underwear and making cookies and all the sudden everything is pointless and you feel so lost and worthless and have no motivation to breath and it’s like ??????? theses cookies were going to be great ??? calm down depression ?? pls ...
when u guess an old password right
  • Aries:"im going to every concert ever. i bought all of itunes. no one can stop me"
  • Taurus:saves most of money but throws huge fuckin parties every Friday with Nicki Minaj
  • Gemini:"what if i bought a boat and invited people on my boat only to tell them to get the fuck off my boat"
  • Cancer:"I've bought 10 dogs already today. tomorrow I buy the worlds population of cats"
  • Leo:buys own island and names it after themselves and everyone who lives there are dogs and friends no one else ever
  • Virgo:"i made a blog to update people on my rich life. i just booked Beyoncé for my birthday party"
  • Libra:millionaire by age 20 and takes the lyrics "im gonna swing from my chandelier" too seriously
  • Scorpio:finally subscribes to hulu plus
  • ...
1k One Direction Zayn Malik twitter 5k 2k president obama 10k Deadpool Ryan Reynolds 15k Marvel 3k 8k m101gifs deadpooledit carbon reduction
7k mygif 5k 4k 15k 20k 50k body positivity 6k 40K 3k 8k 25k 60k 35k 55k 45k meghan trainor all about that bass meghangif
1k justin bieber 7k 5k 2k barack obama 10k 4k 15k 20k 9k 50k white house 6k petition 40K 3k 8k 25k 30k 60k 35k 55k 45k
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>What you say:</b> I don't believe in universal healthcare<p/><b>What I hear:</b> poor people deserve to die<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
1k mine 7k myedit 5k 2k 4k feminism 6k 3k 8k nerdyandquirky awkward-aeries meninism anti meninism
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