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I get nervous when anyone yells STOP
What do I do?Do I collaborate and listen? is it hammer time? is it in the name of love? do I fill my cup and put some liquor in it? 
Imparerai a tue spese che nel lungo tragitto della vita incontrerai tante maschere e pochi volti
  • ed sheeran:"in england the legal age is 18 so we all start drinking around 11"
the percy jackson fandom right now:
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With this update, the Tumblr staff have succeeded in alienating their entire userbase. The Tumblr staff have added features that make it more like a fully-equipped Twitter ripoff t...
let me get something straight oktokyo dome is literally just a stadium run by a team of people who gauge popularity in terms of concert revenue and solid fanbases. it’s a location for the most popular artists to perform, and it happens to be based in japan.exo’s had several concerts in japan. they’v...
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