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please help
hey guys so, um, this isn’t an easy post to write. basically, my father is blackmailing me. he’s holding a considerable amount of money - which i need for food and other living expenses, because i’m in pretty dire financial straits - over me conditional to a list of behaviours he w...
Teenage girl arrested for swearing over 911. 911 dispatcher ...
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Everyone... please. I need help.
First off, here’s the backstory of the situation I’m in:http://cutie-potoo-ty.tumblr.com/post/24932507365/so-heres-the-tale-the-sad-story-of-woe-of-why-imĀ  Second, here’s the missive I’m going to leave for my parents:http://cutie-potoo-ty.tumblr.com/post/25018036050/one-o...
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Help I'm Alive
Metric  Fantasies
Metric | “Help I’m Alive”"Help, I'm aliveMy heart keeps beatin...
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I need your help, guys
So my dog Zeus showed up yesterday after being missing for a day and a half. His leg was broken and swollen, and we’re pretty much 100% sure he was hit by a car. This is what his leg looks like: As you can see, his femur is broken in half. This isn’t something you can put a splint or a ...
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we’re a fabulous married couple, i love blaine and he loves me, i changed my whole life for you, i have nothing, you’re the love of my life, i’m going to skype you every day, i love you so much, i love you too, you’re not going to lose me
  • me:wow i really need to start reading the books i bought
  • me:*reads fanfiction*
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omfg I was looking up a reference picture for Steve and I accidentally typed “Stove Rogers” and this is what I found
Zayn Malik help seriously