• 9x23: do you believe in miracles •
Supernatural, in which the only way to properly deal with your brother’s death is to drag his corpse home, lay it on the bed and try to sell your soul.
Do you believe in miracles?
Spn Fandom:
today’s the day everyone! the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the season finale is tonight- THE SUPERNATURAL SEASON FINALE IS TONIGHT
you got him….Demon!Dean
Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Supernatural’s little preview image after clips and stuff has been an eye this whole entire season?
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Ackles guaranteed that the finale is one of those don’t-miss-the-final-60-seconds deals. Also, expect one of those Winchester brother-bondin...
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GUYS GUYS GUYS! I think we’re forgetting a major point here: Dean died in front of Sam ON A TUESDAY
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But the fact that Dean’s last words were: “I’m proud of us.” Four words that are SO heavy they bring the fandom to its knees. In those four words are all nine seasons wrapped into one sentence, and any “hate” or “resentment” Dean had for Sam or what Sa...
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when people ask you how school is:
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So an Angel, a Demon, and a Human walk into a bar