my goals are to be so intimidatingly hot that people are surprised at how nice I am when i talk to them
  • Me:*doesnt eat*
  • Stomach:*hurts*
  • Me:*eatS*
  • Stomach:*also hurts*
  • Me:ok u know what. fuck you
shoutout to 5th grade me for having a college reading level and apparently using up all future motivation for actual college age me to read what i’m supposed to. you 10 year old asshole
comic when did this happen this is awful i say in the tags abotu every single comic i make HEY WHATS UP i havent been on in a Hundred Yesrs but thats also . . . .  pretty consistant dang just staying off for five days at a time what the heck im not even staying NOW ive gotta leave but ill be on tomorrow to make so many shit posts like a whole bunch of them alright im out !!
dying in a game and being transported back to the latest save when you haven’t saved in like 3 hours
Are you gonna tell us to smile now? Call us ‘sweetheart’? ...
my gif robert downey jr Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth avengers Jeremy Renner scarlett johansson Jimmy Kimmel Live mark ruffalo mcu age of ultron *rolls* NOW FOOD well that was an avengers-filled evening
matthew mcconaughey senior year photo
meme memes rick astley rick roll never gonna give you up my best rickroll i love this song tbh PLEASE CLICK PLAY
best news yet im gonna cop prolly 10 years from now but still
  • me:hey brain hey buddy hey pal do u think we could just calm down a lil bit there friend
  • brain, still rhythmically banging pots together:NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!! NO!!!!
Mariah Carey correcting her background singers  since 1990 ...
also anon is off for iamprikle now too cus i aint gonna deal with smart asses that didnt have to tell me they unfollowed me but do and are t too scared to do it off anonymous nice and brave there pal
mine: edit im so sorry marveledit stuckyaunet hailstuckynet punkcapnet vintagesoldiers i cant stop laughing i hate myself im gonna hide forever now hhjdsfsaio this is the 2nd gifset of the day i am sorry i did this in like 10 minutes
Just a quick tip to artists
If you’re an artist who likes to work really close, (like me), do yourself a favor and put up two views. You can do this by clicking View–> New on your toolbar.There’s nothing worse than finally zooming out and realizing what you were doing was very wrong. This saved me a lot of grief tbh. ...
Never Gonna Give You Up
Ashley Tisdale 
Have you ever wanted to hear Sharpay sing Never Gonna Give You Up? Well now you ...
“I look fabulous”One of my fav interviews of tswift
when a debate starts in class and you tell yourself you’re not gonna get involved but then some kid you hate says smth real stupid and/or wrong 
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