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gifs real talk usher bye myedits**** im gonna play neopets now hhahaahhahh bybeybeyebeyebyeeybeye
** free! makoto tachibana free! iwatobi swim club free! mine Free! Eternal summer alright bed time i'm gonna go pass out now
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Alright. I'm just gonna...leave this here...
America and Prussia at Canada’s hockey game: Germany caring for a hungover Prussia: America when he’s staying with Canada: France at Canada’s hockey games: Switzerland when someone tells him something exciting: Canada alone in his room: England all the time: Romano all the t...
1k MY EDIT the hobbit LOTR 2k 3k ?????? lotredit hobbitedit tolkienedit everything gonna be alright i really love all of you!!! i am in the cinema right now wish me luck!
gif 1k * edit 5k i love u bb ALRIGHT I'M JUST GONNA POST THIS NOW IDC NIALL 21
myart oh ho ho gonna blow this Popsicle stand we're cooking on gas now bros
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mine q the walking dead maggie greene Glenn Rhee otp: we're gonna be alright Hershel Greene
toontown ok i hope this is alright
pro recovery is gonna be alright every little thing
pro recovery is gonna be alright every little thing
My crap the legend of korra Pabu Bolin it was awesome borra I'm gonna like....play Sims now or something idk DID YOU BEAT UP ANY BAD GUYS TODAY HUH? DID YOU DID YOU :DDDDD I SPARRED WITH COUSIN ___ TODAY baby talk
person: that video game was shit me:
Não chore Feche seus olhos Tudo vai ficar bem.
  • the sexual tension between me and 2am
  • 2am:go to bed
  • me:make me
A Thousand Years serious coms HOO i havent been on here in like a thousand years it feels like even though its been like four days i finished all of grants goblins so im gonna have a lot more free time but. not. right. now im so tired hope everyones doin alright !! gonna answer some asks and pass out spend some actual time on here tomorrow pumkpin soup is delicious though i recommend it to everyone theres a lot going on in this one though like see that GREEN THING between those DRAGON ANTLERS thats totally mistletoe you gotta SMOOCH the DRAGON shit all these goddamn tags GOODNIGHT