1k my stuff twedit dylanofuckme officerhale fyteenwolf bed time now theoraekens who knows what this is i am just SO EXCITED this is what happens when i stay up too late
pup play pup dozor pup-dozor
*mine one piece Monkey D. Luffy opgraphics ok it's still Halloween here but just gonna post this now
mine ryan haywood free play HE LOOKS LIKE A SMOL CHILD the next time i see someone talking about how crazy and murderous and dark ryan is i'm gonna point them to these pictures
medium sans undertale undertale spoilers it's yours palidoozy arts MEGALOVANIA INTENSIFIES it's not his themesong also I'm gonna try to get the high res ones up now
best news yet im gonna cop prolly 10 years from now but still
my edits sky clouds my photos i luv clouds ;; i want to make edits/graphics but i haven't found the time so i hope these are alright for now!!
Are you gonna tell us to smile now? Call us ‘sweetheart’? ...
mine :/ poetry poem spilled ink my writing spilled thoughts yikes at this idk when I'm gonna stop being yours I'm gonna go 2 bed now
zelda myedit the legend of zelda tloz twilight princess lozedit lozgraphics blue edit personal blog/please read about page before following poesgameedits gonna go now~ tp;zelda blue zelda
*mine *gifs marry me rise of the guardians rotg NonDisneyEdit rotggifs rotgedit dreamworksedit i would turn straight for you jack
idk man Teen Wolf various stiles stilinski twedit argiro
my gifs graphics my posts video games gifset Persona personaedit Persona 5 persona gifs video games gifs persona 5 protagonist this is the face of someone who's not going to talk whatever you do and who's going to make you regret catching him now i'm gonna go or else i'm gonna miss my traaaaiin
music piano sheet music classical music rachmaninoff hey this piece is so loaded with feels and impossible technique i can play it i am up to like page 5 now im really happy it's taken 2 weeks tho!!
  • me:hey brain hey buddy hey pal do u think we could just calm down a lil bit there friend
  • brain, still rhythmically banging pots together:NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!! NO!!!!
“So, I’ve never figured out how to.. I don’t know what you e...
“I look fabulous”One of my fav interviews of tswift
izaya orihara durarara!! durarara orihara izaya !gif ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT drrr!!edit !durararaedit I have time to make gifs yay sdkd lookathim
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