Mean Girls Regina George karen smith Gretchen Weiners legifs the plastics anyway i tried okay mean girls. drunkwerewolves haymitcheds ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH GRETCHEN IS IN LOVE WITH REGINA LIKE omfg
draws ?? spn spoilers i'm really upset hael anobviousaside periaptly Can we talk about how Hael not only inspired art and beauty in mankind but also kindness can we talk about how kindness was a reocurring theme in this episode starting with the truck driver who gave cas a ride and money and cas who agreed to take Hael to her creation and ezekiel who came to help dean and death who gave Sam a chance tumblr resizes so much
** avengers Natasha Romanoff black widow avengersedit marveledit mcumeme this coloring is all over the place i apologise scarlett was on point with nat lbr and idk she feels more new due to the fact that the part of her life with red room seems to be over more recently than comic!nat also lets talk about how much i love her stoicism in certain scenes like the unmade one
* my stuff otp: you saved me can we 4x07 caveman and warrior princess can we talk about damon's hand in the pillow can we talk about the fact that this aired on CW can we talk about ELENA RIDING ON DAMON can we talk about how damon is a 170+ years old vampire but elena totally dominated him and he was breathless
my stuff jake cody the rescuers The Rescuers Down Under marahute disneyedits Miss Bianca Jemi attempts GIF making otp: we'll be a great team together! also i think this was the official moment that Jake fully realized that he really had no chance with Bianca
mine Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski Tyler Posey Scott McCall s: teen wolf can we also talk about how scott got that riddle in like 3 seconds i would be sitting in that vet clinic for three days before i googled it
important don't give up We can get through this I Am With You you are never alone you are so loved animals love you
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuugi Dark Magician The Dark Magician
Okay but can we talk about how much Matt Smith looks like William Hartnell right now?
The Hunger Games jennifer lawrence Catching Fire silver linings playbook serious respect jabberjays final trailer
please once upon a time snow white lana parrilla Evil Queen CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME LANA WAS HERE i just love her acting so much
1k doctor who Arthur Darvill Rory Williams mystuff mine: dw How I love you asylum of the daleks dwedit my sweet sweet rory also can we talk about the little creep he does in the 6th gif im lauging
gifs mine TBBT The Big Bang Theory sheldon cooper 1000plus Shamy amy farrah fowler sik TBBT: S07E15 okay this is like my third otp to say 'good' in the last few months :O is this a thing??? ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ugh this was so perfect they're such cuties <3 (also yes i enjoyed tbbt more than reign and tvd today so hence this) they were boring so :(
The Swan Princess antoscrap4 pointless gifset but there is never anything about this animated film on tumblr and it's my ultimate favorite /forever in a corner with my unpopular opinions can we talk about how much of a hbic Odette was? she practically grew up knowing she was betrothed to Derek since day 1 finally when their chemistry was perfectly in-sync she still refused his sorry ass because he only wanted her for da booty let's not even talk about how much of a dumbass Derek is lol i'm actually glad Odette was 'the bigger person' anyway and then she gets kidnapped and cursed by Rothbart the freak but she keeps refusing his hand in marriage every single day even if it meant that she had to stay cursed forever your faves could never okay on a sidenote: I wish Odile was a badass villain like in the 1981 Swan Lake film instead of the pointless old hag they made her out to be in this version ugh I just wish they would make a really awesome movie adaptation of this fairytale tbh there is alot of potential (Bloomie I hope you're reading this)
* mine edit ugh snow white ouat Emma Swan Regina Mills JUST KILL ME ouatedit reginamillsedit swanqueenedit emmaswanedit otp: maybe we are snowwhitedit SCREAMS ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS HOW DOES REGINA KNOW like ok honestly it's something that's a decent guess right? like baby blanket of course but there are A LOT of things that she could have thought to use something from henry something from hook or whatever because we've never seen regina find out about emma's blanket and the significance but regina *knows* emma she knows that not only is she sentimental in specific ways but that the baby blanket would have been all emma had as a kid and therefore would have been important because (like she pinpointed all the way back in 103) the worst thing for emma is being alone and so her blanket would have been this huge comfort i'm counting this as shippy also i probs should have done black and white but i like my coloring on this scene too much lol
“Make It Up” - Sam Tsui
* gifs i'm crying mine1k the100edit clarkegriffinedit octaviablakeedit bellamyblakeedit the100daily me? crying? HAHAHAHAHHA yes fuck he loves them all so much look how far he has come he came from not caring about anyone but his sister to caring about everyone he has so much love for his people BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT HOW HIS PEOPLE LOVE HIM? THEY ALL RUN TO HIS ARMS they feel safe around him because they all love him so much they love him like he's their big brother ACTUALLY THEY LOVE HIM FOR MORE THAN THAT they love him like he is their father he's the father figure in their life (well aside from clarke she doesn't see him that way but she's his people too)
1k harry potter mine draco malfoy hp drarry IMG mine: gif otp: it's always been you hpedit drarryedit ahhh i love my gifs but i also love how this scene is constructed i love the shots i love how it's so quiet i love how harry doesn't care about anyone seeing him following draco i love how harry regrets what he does to draco the second he casts sectumsempra i love how vulnerable draco is i love how he's crying and panicking i am so in love with this scene can you tell i also absolutely love how they show spells on screen it's all white and like lightnings