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-Pero me querías, ¿verdad? Apreté los labios. -Todavía te quiero.
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Men’s Sports: “openly gay players would be a distraction to the sport. they would create problems in the locker room.”Women’s Soccer: Abby Wambach, leader of the USWNT, runs to the stands to embrace her wife after winning the World Cup
"if you don’t have this on your blog… what is wrong with you?" you are why your comment is literally why
some girls are like “yeah i try to wear a different bra every week” but i will literally wear the same bra for 5 months if it’s comfortable enough
certain fandoms complaining about having to wait 2 years for a season meanwhile video game fans sitting over here not uttering a word about how their favorite series’ update like once every 4 years or in some cases, not at all any more your fandom game is weak sit down
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*finds $1 on the sidewalk* i been gettin money where the fuck u been
introducing yourself to people like
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