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achievement hunter quote of the week: I????? ???????F???????E?????????E????L??? ?????F?????????I?????????N???????E????????.?????????
  • michael:"fucking cock now you have to get to the next u-turn which is like a bajillion miles away!!!!"
  • michael:"well done, idiot"
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  • ryan:"there's a hole 12 yards ahead, you should drive into it"
  • ryan:"you are now edgar"
  • ryan:"always. edgar."
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Achievement Hunter at RTX 2014
Friday: RWBY Panel (x)(x) - Lindsay GTA V  Patch - Ryan Saturday: Achievement Hunter Panel Prop Hunt Trials - Jack & Gavin Age of Booty - Jack & Gavin Game Grumps & RT play Cards against Humanity (x)(x) - Ray Sunday: Achievement Hunter Panel (x)(x) Internet Box Podcast (x)(x) - Michael, ...
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my edits I don't ??? Achievement Hunter tower of pimps youtuber: achievement hunter
rt Achievement Hunter ray's heist WAFFLEO
when i find myself in times of trouble geoff ramsey comes to me speaking words of wisdom "gO SUCK AN ANUS"
Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter
Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth
so  has anyone found a rare occurrence yet?
can we just appreciate the fact that the first thing Ryan does after becoming King is set everybody loose in Achievement City so that he can hunt them down, then he drops animals from the sky, then he forces them to murder their team members and declare their team broken. The Mad King did not disapp...
I know lots of people love Ryan Haywood for the looks, the smart humor, the voice (oh man that voice)….but there’s one thing I will always remember about Ryan: That scream he did on that Survivors Let’s Play
RoosterTeeth is probably the only company in existence where you can walk into the CEO’s office, chuck a gaming console out his window, go outside and beat said gaming console with a metal stick and still keep your job. 
walk up in the club like what up everybody its geoff from achievement hunter and youre watching ahwu
Achievement Hunter ryan haywood
pickup line: ill watch achievement hunter lets plays with you.
can you imagine hearing a rustling under your bed and so you check under and suddenly a fucking banana darts past you and out of your room
aw look at geoffs mustache wait. hold on a second.. i’ve seen that before..