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A huge frustration with having a personality disorder or mental illness is that you don’t know what’s good for you, you don’t know what you need. You’re doing the best you can to get by. Your brain, which controls your behavior, is ill. It’s disordered. Basically it&rsq...
  • me:im ugly
  • friends:no you're not
  • me:I AM UGLY and that's a fact. guys don't add me on facebook and like my pictures, they don't ask for my number, i get 5 text a day, one from my dad, two from my mom, one from the phone company and another one from some girl in my class asking me if there's something for tomorrow. guys don't text me saying 'goodmorning beautiful' or just even saying 'hi whats up?' if i have any guy friends they're one maybe two. you guys DO get texts, boys flirt with you, you're always complaining about boys, when nobody ever calls me pretty. you guys get a compliment at least twice a day, boys play with your hair, kiss your cheek, hold you from behind, and i'm just there watching, and if any boy wants to talk to me it's because they want me to give them something, or to call me bad names. i don't have 120 likes on my profile picture, i'm scared of doing a party because i know i would't have any guy friends to invite. is it because i don't let anyone know me? NO, it's because i don't look good. why all the pretty girls out there are full of 'guy friends'? don't tell me because they're the best people ever because it ain't true. my teeth are not stunning, i don't like my smile, i'm insecure af, my eyes have nothing special and i don't even have the best body. i know i have my natural beauty and i like some things about myself, but i just wanna look atractive, loook at the mirror and find myself pretty, good-looking, and i know 'i'm beautiful' on the inside but society is a btich and ends up making everyone feels less than they are. so yes, i feel ugly, i am ugly, and don't tell me i'm not because i am.
vent art
vent art
vent art art!!
Don’t tell me it’s just a phase, I’ve been sad for 3 fucking years. This isn’t just a phase
*has violent and self-destructive urges* nice
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Fuck everyone who walked out on me.
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My mind: don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Don’t be clingy. Me: clingy
Reasons why I dislike yaoi fangirls
“Let my gays marry!!!”They like to play the homophobic card every time someone says they don’t like a certain yaoi pairing.Usually straight and phobic of other sexualitiesThey like to use the “good ally” card just because they like watching two anime guys do the do and talk about how hot it is.&ldqu...
Suicidal Thoughts,
You’re at the point where you’re just breaking down. You feel as if everyone hates you and you’re starting to hate yourself too. All the people you thought you could trust are no where to be found. Your family doesn’t understand you. No one cares enough to listen. And all you...
I'm letting you go,
As much as it hurts and pains me to do it, I have to. I want you to be happy, and fighting for you while you’re fighting to be with someone else is just a waste of my time. I need to learn and accept the fact that someone else can love you more than I ever can. And maybe, when the time is righ...
I wasted my time on you,
I spent so many days, weeks, months, just hoping that I had a chance. You put the thought in my head of “us” being together. I was honest to you, I told you how I felt. You told me you felt the same, and you promised to take the chance of being with me. But you lied, and I was stupid for...
Don’t rush things. Anything worth having is worth waiting for
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What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does?