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Hamilton was not content to write [under the pseudonym] Camillus alone. Two days after his second essay appeared, he began to publish, in th...
are you an a ‘burn’ cryer, a ‘stay alive (reprise)’ cryer, an ‘it’s quiet uptown’ cryer, or a ‘who lives, who dies, who tells your story’ cryer?
did you know the new musical hamilton is full of cool, historical facts that are 100% true? For example, in the song it’s quiet uptown, hamilton says “I know I don’t deserve you Eliza”
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i relate to alexander hamilton because i too will one day be murdered for not knowing how to shut the fuck up
i want people to start making Hamilton ocs like just iNVENT A FOUNDING FATHER just fUCKING MAKE UR OWN AMERICAN HISTORY self insert where u wrote part of the constitution
At one ball, Angelica dropped a garter that was swept gallantly off the floor by Hamilton. Angelica, who had a sly wit, teased him that he w...
  • Thomas Jefferson:Hamilton's financial plan sucks
  • Thomas Jefferson:Also, I haven't read it, it's like, super long.
Hamilton lyrics: “Most disputes die, and no one shoots.”Hamilton musical: 3/3 duels end in a shooting.
  • Aaron Burr:Washington hires Hamilton right on sight, even though I was riGHT THERE
if youre obsessed with a dead immigrant politician/treasury secretary that’s over 200 years old and you know it clap your hands
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i made a “which hamilton character are you?” quiz if anyone is interested!
Imagine streaming Hamilton live from the stage in NY to movie theatre’s across America for 1 night. It would be legendary & raise crazy money. And also, PLEASE
  • me:daaaaamn lin-manuel
  • me:back at it again with that [getting choked up] beautiful and infectious personality
what she says: i’m fine. what she means: alexander hamilton is being removed from the $10 bill instead of andrew jackson getting removed from the $20 bill. the man responsible for an abundance of native american genocides is able to stay on the $20 bill but alexander hamilton, the pretty-look...