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People keep refusing to buy me books as presents because they say I’ve already so many of them and it wouldn’t be as special. No you don’t understand, getting free books is the greatest gift you can give me
7GBs OF FREAKING ART BOOKS ALL IN PDF FORMAT AND ALL UP FOR GRABS man lemme tell you what’s here 25 Figure drawing and anatomy books, including by Burne Hogarth, Elliot Goldf...
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When my friend forces me to leave the bookstore and I must bid farewell to all the beautiful books:
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Wanna Know All The Books By Black People in 2014? Check Out This GoodReads List
Here’s a list for all the books published in the US from black people. Like and Share.
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I was like:  
books my photos Bookshelf bookshelves rainbow books book photos awordshaker posts yay for rainbows i could never have my books like this all the time though i'm one of those people who needs things in some kind of order
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Because here’s the thing about a book: when you pick up a story, you put down your own.
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